Some ‘OutDaughtered’ Fans Think This Busby Quintuplet Shouldn’t Be on Camera

With so many unique families on reality TV these days, it’s tough to know who to watch. But there’s no doubt Adam and Danielle Busby navigating life with their six daughters on TLC’s OutDaughtered is certainly not one to miss. Adam and Danielle have one 8-year-old daughter and a set of 4-year-old quintuplets. And while their lives are hectic, they’re doing their best to give each child the love and attention they deserve.

While all the daughters seem to be outgoing and responsive to the camera, there is one Busby quint who’s more reserved than the rest. And some fans think the child shouldn’t even be on television.

Parker Busby exhibited signs of anxiety many times in the past

All of the quints are growing from toddlers to full-blown children — and that means they’re all developing their own personalities, too. Fans are already noticing Hazel for her sweet demeanor and Riley for her intelligence, but Adam and Danielle have also talked about Parker’s mental health. While all of the quints seem to have adjusted well to life on-camera, Parker has had several meltdowns on-screen that exhibit her high anxiety levels.

This OutDaughtered clip shows all of the quints singing Christmas carols, but toward the end, Parker starts crying out of nowhere. “It just seems like all of the girls are taking this huge step forward and Parker’s just going the other direction,” Adam comments in the clip. Not only that, but when all of the quints went for a dental check-up, Parker was screaming and crying in the office. “She never feels entirely comfortable around strangers,” Danielle reiterates in the clip.

Parker has seen a doctor for her mental health, too

Adam and Danielle are taking Parker’s anxiety quite seriously, too. In this OutDaughtered clip, they’re seen taking their daughter to an occupational therapist for an evaluation of her mental health. “This appointment is for us as well,” Adam explains. And he then mentioned that he and Danielle haven’t necessarily seen eye-to-eye on Parker’s needs, so they wanted to get a professional opinion.

“Parker hates new things and being in the spotlight,” Danielle also says in the clip. And the therapist also offered her own analysis of Parker. “When I would ask her questions, she really didn’t respond. She would look toward her parents, so I was trying to get her to play and get her comfortable so I could see what’s going on with her and why she was shutting down,” the therapist said.

One of the quints’ teachers also noticed Parker’s anxiety, too. As she mentioned in this promo on the OutDaughtered Instagram page, “No matter what it is, Parker, when you put her in that spotlight, she just stops.”

Fans think TV might not be the right path for her

There’s no doubt Danielle and Adam love the opportunities their TV show has given them — and most of their kids seem totally fine with the limelight. Fans think they may want to reconsider putting Parker on the show, however. “Maybe being on a TV show isn’t the best for her then,” one fan commented on the video of Parker seeking the occupational therapist. “Okay so maybe take your kid off the TV show where there’s cameras and lights constantly in her face for every special family moment??” another added. Yet another commented, “If they REALLY want to help Parker since she doesn’t like ‘the spotlight’ as Danielle said, they should probably take her off the show.”

We’re not sure if Adam or Danielle plan on taking Parker off the show at any point, but we trust that they know what’s best for their kids. And plenty of other fans adore Parker and can relate to her social anxiety, too. We’re all hoping the Busby quint gets the help she needs to feel comfortable in front of the cameras!

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