Some People Are Still Super Confused About Why Jill Duggar Is No Longer on ‘Counting On’

It’s been nearly two years since Jill Duggar and her husband Derick Dillard last appeared on Counting On. The circumstances surrounding their exit from the TV show in late 2017 are a bit murky. Derick has said that he and his wife quit the show because of a “bogus contract.” Other reports say he was fired after making transphobic comments about fellow TLC star Jazz Jennings of I Am Jazz.   

Whatever the exact reason for the split, Jill and her controversial husband haven’t been seen on her family’s reality TV show for quite a while. But some fans are still confused when they tune in and don’t see her and her family. 

Some ‘Counting On’ fans are missing Jill

A new season of Counting On is currently airing, and some fans are apparently just noticing Jill’s absence. A number of people have left comments on her recent Instagram posts wondering where she is and wishing she’d return to the series. 

“Will we be seeing you on the show at all?” one asked on a November 16 post. 

Another fan begged for her to come back, writing, “WHY AREN’T YOU ON, “COUNTING ON?” The show is not the same without you. Miss you very much! Please come back!!!!” 

Several people either didn’t realize the family had left the show or weren’t sure why. 

“Why arent you guys on counting on,anymore?” asked one person. 

“Why are you guys not in the show anymore?” wondered another.

But at least one person thought it was a good thing that Jill was no longer on TV. “You two look great! I think being off the show has been good for you,” commented a fan on another of Jill’s posts. “That seems like a lot of pressure to put on a young family.” 

Is Derick planning on suing TLC?

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard
Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard in 2014 | D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

While some Counting On viewers might be dreaming of Jill’s return to the show, that doesn’t seem likely to happen anytime soon. Her husband Derick has made no secret that he doesn’t have a very high opinion of TLC and that he doesn’t think he and his family were treated fairly by the network. 

In several recent Twitter posts, he’s shared his candid thoughts on the situation. Derick, who is currently in law school, even implied that he might be planning on suing the network

“‘@TLC has issues. They begged us not to quite filming, but then didn’t want to talk directly with us about why,” he tweeted on November 12 in response to someone who asked about what kind of contract the adult Duggar children have with TLC. “If money is all they care about, then it’s going to catch-up with them—you must care about ppl. All I’ve got to say is, they better lawyer-up b/c a storm is inevitable.”

Derick’s conflict with Jim Bob over ‘Counting On’

Derick also addressed the rumors that Jill’s dad Jim Bob Duggar is the only one getting paid for Counting On, and that he is the one who decides how much his children receive for appearing on the show. 

“I don’t know. You would have to ask him that,” Derick replied when someone asked if Jim Bob gets all the money from the show and doesn’t share with the rest of the family. Another person asked if Jim Bob was in charge of negotiations with TLC, which Derick said was the case. The Duggar family patriarch negotiated “for everyone, but without telling anyone,” Derick claimed. 

Derick’s comments about his father-in-law will likely add fuel to the rumors that Jill is on the outs with her large family.