The Real Reason Some People Think Meghan Markle is Faking Her Pregnancy

Meghan Markle hasn’t had the easiest year. As with any celebrity, there will always be trolls who want the absolute worst for them, and there will always be people who will start any rumor possible in order to sabotage someone. And for the past year, Meghan has been at the center of several pretty high-profile rumors. But now, some are accusing the duchess of faking her pregnancy.

Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle is expected to have her baby later this month. | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images)

Meghan married Prince Harry in May of last year

Meghan and Harry were first introduced through a mutual friend back in 2016, and the two instantly connected. They ended up having such a strong romance that Harry decided he was ready to propose less than a year and a half after they started dating. The couple announced their engagement in November 2017, and they planned a wedding six months. They got married in May 2018, and while many people adored the royal wedding, some questioned why the couple was moving so quickly.

Meghan and Harry announced their pregnancy only a few months later

Harry has always wanted to be a father, and Meghan couldn’t wait to be a mother. When the two got together, kids were immediately on their minds. They spoke about wanting to start a family soon after they wed, but nobody could have predicted how soon Meghan and Harry would actually get pregnant. In October 2018, the couple announced that they’d be expecting their first child in the spring. With that said, it’s feasible that Meghan probably got pregnant within two months of marrying Harry. Fertility experts said that the chances of her getting pregnant so soon are very slim, but Meghan has always taken good care of her body, so it’s definitely possible.

Some social media trolls think Meghan is faking the pregnancy for media attention

With every celebrity comes the slew of social media trolls that haunt them and taunt their every move. And now, some people are claiming that Meghan is faking her pregnancy altogether. People are accusing the duchess of faking the pregnancy to get the media and the public to pay more attention to her. Some claim she spent British taxpayer money to throw herself a million-dollar baby shower (which, by the way, was not paid for with tax money) all for the public to pay attention to her. Some have said Meghan’s bump is too big to possibly be a real baby and that she’s using a prosthetic bump during public engagements.

Some users are convinced Meghan’s baby bump is fake

There is almost no chance at all that Meghan could be faking her pregnancy

Despite what the trolls want us to believe, there is almost no chance Meghan is faking her pregnancy. While her bump is pretty big, every woman carries differently, and just because her bump is larger than Kate Middleton’s bump doesn’t mean she’s lying about the pregnancy. Plus, the royal family knows better than to pull a stunt like that. Meghan and Harry will welcome their baby at the end of the month, despite what all of the internet bullies want us to think.

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