Some ‘Star Wars’ Fans Aren’t Going to Like Kathleen Kennedy’s Latest Announcement

The notion that most Star Wars fans are male is probably only half-true, though most of the canonical stories are tilted in such a direction. Mostly it’s because when thinking back to the original trilogy days, a lot of guys remember playing with Star Wars action figures on their bedroom floor.

When Kathleen Kennedy became the head of Lucasfilm after George Lucas stepped down, some of those male fans of the franchise didn’t think she’d be the best choice, perhaps initially out of pure gender bias.

Since then, she’s done a lot of good and bad for Star Wars, with the good being bringing more women into the fray. With her recent announcement of a woman being tapped to direct a ST project, the male base may wrongly feel like there’s going to be a hijack on a Rian Johnson level.

Why it’s important to have more women involved in ‘Star Wars’

athleen Kennedy and George Lucas
Kathleen Kennedy and George Lucas | Gerardo Mora/Getty Images for Disney

While not every fan loved Rey in the new trilogy, she was an important figure for the franchise in voluminous ways. Had it not have been for her, the new trilogy wouldn’t have managed to create all-new female fans, not including paving the way for more women involved in the story.

It seems there’s still a bit of an internal battle on this, though, when one considers Rose Tico (Kelly Marie Tran) being shuttered to the sidelines in The Rise of Skywalker.

Placing more focus on the male characters again made it look like there’s still a boys club fighting against the women coming in to disrupt things.

Maybe this is an exaggeration, but there’s plenty of kick-ass women characters in the Star Wars universe capable of having very compelling adventures.

Let’s hope some of the ones already introduced can end up becoming the equivalent of bounty hunters and take out some of the likely last remaining figures in the First Order.

If Kathleen Kennedy truly can round up a woman to direct a Star Wars movie, would it be an all-women cast?

Bringing back the women characters in ‘Rise of Skywalker

Just look at some of the potential in the female characters seen in TRoS. First, there’s former Stormtrooper Jannah (Naomi Ackie) who’s rumored to possibly be Lando’s missing daughter. Then there’s Zorii Bliss (Keri Russell) who seems to have had a romantic relationship with Poe once, yet factored strongly into the final battles.

Rose Tico is still important as well, especially since it’s known she was going to do more in the film until excised due to special effects issues in scenes with Carrie Fisher’s Gen. Leia.

Could all these characters get back together (along with Rey) in an all-women movie? Doing so would be kind of exciting, outside of the most traditional fans possibly wanting something like the original movies again.

One thing for sure is there seems to be a lot of indecision on the part of Kathleen Kennedy at the moment. There may be some internal battles on whether any future Star Wars movie will have theatrical releases again or go entirely on Disney+ first.

Would a ‘Star Wars’ theatrical movie with all women be a box office hit?

Something Hollywood never seems to get is that when making a good movie designed for women, the latter come out to see it in droves. The same goes for all other neglected demographics, including older audiences (55+).

Even though this continues to be proven (including recently with a few films), there seems to be a notion Star Wars fans are all the same group. A movie like this with all women would probably draw a big female audience and become a surprise hit…assuming it’s done well.

More likely, Kennedy will set into motion to have all future Star Wars movies released on Disney+ first to test the waters before going to theaters. On that note, it’s a shame they’d have to stream test first before being assured women really would fill up seats to watch a Star Wars movie without being with their husbands/dates.