Sony Might Beat the MCU to a Spider-Woman Franchise

With the recent release of the Morbius trailer — featuring Michael Keaton’s Vulture, as well as an allusion to Spider-Man via the web-slinger’s image with the word “murderer” spray-painted over it — it is clear that the Sony Spider-Verse will exist alongside the MCU. 

The relationship between the two universes will most likely be tangential, as fans should not expect the worlds to collide narratively, beyond reference and some shared characters. The Sony Spider-Verse is unlikely to sculpt the MCU’s big picture, but anything remains possible. 

Marvel Studios MCU
Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War Screening | Paras Griffin/Getty Images for Avengers: Infinity War

With the Sony Spider-Verse and the MCU both creating stories based around Spider-Man and the associated characters, the two worlds could come into conflict, and if both universes are rushing to a Spider-Woman franchise, who will emerge triumphantly? Would two Spider-Woman sagas work, or will the studios compete — returning to the negotiation table once more — for the beloved character?

Sony is reportedly planning a Spider-Woman saga based on Jessica Drew 

According to We Got This Covered, Sony is planning a Spider-Woman movie with an “interesting twist.” WGTC, relying on the same sources who knew Tom Holland was in talks for Venom 2 and that a live-action Bambi remake was in the works, reported that the Jessica Drew account of Spider-Woman is on Sony’s radar. 

Jessica Drew, in the comics, was born with powers after her mother was struck with spider-radiation while pregnant. Drew can produce powerful electric shocks from her hands, is completely resistant to poison and radiation, and can release mind-altering pheromones, making her Spider-Woman vastly different from the other web-slingers when considering her skillset.

If Sony gets this character to the screen quickly, will the MCU have to let their Spider-Woman dreams go? Will the MCU be forced to bring Drew into its landscape, further meshing the two universes? Or, will the MCU plan to release the alleged Spider-Gwen, or the possible MJ Spider-Woman, before Drew comes to shock (pun intended) fans spanning the globe. 

The MCU may be looking to release a Spider-Gwen movie and seems to be prepping Michelle Jones for Spider-Woman too 

Now that the multiverse exists, possibilities regarding characters and narratives remain endless. All signs suggest that the MCU has two plans when it comes to future web-slingers, but it is likely that only one will come to fruition. In short, a female Spider-Woman will likely take Peter Parker’s place after sharing the screen with Tom Holland’s Spidey. 

According to Marvel insider Mikey Sutton, the MCU is looking to introduce Spider-Gwen into the MCU, as she is a fan-favorite character whose beloved across multiple demographics. Sutton goes on to explain that the character would become a large presence in the landscape, likely joining forces with other heroes and Avengers along the way. However, the MCU also seems to be prepping Zendaya’s Michelle Jones for the role as well.

Rumor has it that the original Mary Jane will be coming to the MCU, which could lead to Michelle Jones and Parker splitting…and Michelle Jones realizing her potential for the superhero life. Jones has already got the necessary Spidey senses. She deduced Parker’s identity by attending to his absence in times of crisis, and she figured out Mysterio’s fraudulence. She’s also got the quick wit and dry humor needed to excel in the MCU space. So, will it be MJ or Gwen, or neither? Will the MCU move forward with Spider-Woman if Sony releases the Jessica Drew movie first? How will the studios negotiate female Spidey?