Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas: Which Oscar-Nominated Actress Is Responsible For Getting Them Together?

If there’s one young celebrity couple that people can’t seem to get enough of, it’s Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas. From their separate projects like Game of Thrones and the Jonas Brothers to their fun Instagram posts together, we’re all curious as to how their relationship began. As it turns out, this Oscar-nominated actress is partially responsible.

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are married

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas
Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas | Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Let’s recap this remarkable relationship really quickly. Turner and Jonas were the subject of rumors beginning in mid to late 2016. When 2017 rolled around, things looked to be official, but it wasn’t until October (when they announced their engagement) that we got the actual confirmation.

The next year, 2018, was full of photo ops for the two, including the wedding of Jonas’ younger brother, Nick Jonas, to Priyanka Chopra. But the big event was still to come. In May 2019, Jonas and Turner were married in Las Vegas following the Billboard Music Awards. They had another, larger ceremony in June 2019 in France.

Hailee Steinfeld played a part in their relationship

Actress Hailee Steinfeld, who is one of the youngest to ever be nominated for the Best Actress in a Supporting Role Academy Award for the film True Grit when she was 14, has done a lot in the years since her big break. And now, she can add matchmaker to the list. Well, sort of.

On The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, she was asked if it’s true that she set up Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner. Steinfeld quickly replied, “No. Are they saying that? I will totally take credit for that if they’re saying that.” So though she didn’t exactly get them together, did have some part in it.

“I definitely got the ‘Tell me about Joe Jonas’ call [from Turner],” Steinfeld continued. “She knew that I knew him and sort of asked for my opinion. I gave her my stamp of approval. And now they’re married.”

How does Steinfeld know Turner?

According to Steinfeld, she and Turner “have been friends for years,” calling the Dark Phoenix star “one of my favorite humans.” This can be evidenced by her Instagram, which features quite a few pics of them together years ago. So how did they meet?

Turner and Steinfeld starred in the 2015 action-comedy Barely Lethal. They play Heather and Megan, respectively — two orphans who were trained as assassins as children before going out in the real world and trying to live as ordinary teenagers. It looks like they got close through the film.

Here’s how Jonas and Steinfeld met

As for Jonas, who Steinfeld calls “a wonderful person,” he and Steinfeld met through her other career as a singer. Not long after Barely Lethal, Steinfeld and Jonas, with his then-band DNCE, collaborated on her track “Rock Bottom.”

Clearly, Steinfeld just has connections all over. Though we can’t say that she’s the one who actually set them up, it’s likely that Turner at least took her advice to heart. And now we have one of the cutest couples in show business.