How Many Tattoos Does Sophie Turner Have?

Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner is known for many things: Her strong character in the acclaimed series, her even more powerful X-Men heroine, and, of course, her relationship with Joe Jonas. But as it turns out, she’s also quite a collector of tattoos, with at least 14 in counting. Here’s a look at those she’s gotten over the years.

This cute little bunny

Sophie Turner attends the premiere of 20th Century Fox's Dark Phoenix at TCL Chinese Theatre on June 04, 2019 in Hollywood, California.
Sophie Turner attends the premiere of 20th Century Fox’s Dark Phoenix at TCL Chinese Theatre on June 04, 2019 in Hollywood, California. | Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Most of her tattoos have interesting backstories, but this rabbit on her arm doesn’t seem to. She acquired this one in March 2018 in Toronto, from an artist named Curt Montgomery who specializes in minimalist linework in black and red.

Her family tattoos

Going back to her earliest tattoos, Turner got the above tally marks in 2016. She later said that each tally is for one member of her family (she’s one of three siblings).

Turner also got this tattoo for her siblings. She explained that it’s a representation of Plato’s theory regarding the soul being made up of reason, spirit, and appetite. Her brother, Will, got a version of the tattoo as well.

Turner prefers subtle line work

As you can see, there’s a pattern emerging here. Turner’s tattoos are nearly all simple, black linework. This is likely at least in part because of her occupation: It’s much easier to cover up something like this tiny “G” on her finger than a large, colorful flower, for instance.

But Turner has also taken to honoring her profession with her tattoos. She has an “X” for X-Men on her chest, as well as the date she earned the role of Sansa, shared with her Game of Thrones co-star and BFF, Maisie Williams. This fire, representative of Jean Grey’s Dark Phoenix transformation, is a more recent addition to her collection.

She and Jonas just got matching tattoos

Since getting engaged, Turner and Jonas have accumulated a couple of matching tattoos. This first one, with the Toy Story quote “To infinity and beyond,” was first publicized in Oct. 2018, nearly a year after they got engaged.

On a sadder note, the now-married couple got the same tattoo in honor of their recently deceased dog, Waldo. This is the first of Turner’s tattoos that we’ve seen to features a bit more intricacy to it, as it’s a very realistic sketch of the late pooch. Jonas shared an image of his on his Instagram, captioning it “R.I.P. my little angel.”

Turner also got a ‘surprise’ tattoo that day

While getting their forearm ink in memory of Waldo, the artist did another simple design for Turner, which he later shared on his Instagram account. You can see here that on her wrist (next to her previously-acquired “J” for Joe), she now has two tiny stick figures, holding hands. We think it’s safe to assume that this is in celebration of the pair making things legal this year.

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