Sophie Turner Reveals Who She Will Miss the Most From ‘Game of Thrones’ Cast

Game of Thrones, to the dismay of fans everywhere, will conclude Sunday, May 19. The cultural phenomenon and fantasy epic that has redefined standards for HBO has been one of the most-watched shows on the air for several years. And many devoted fans will bid farewell to the characters they have come to know and love Sunday night.

Sophie Turner
Sophie Turner | Kambouris/Getty Images

To all the viewers at home prepped for the waterworks that the final minute is destined to catalyze, remember that those in the cast and crew have already experienced their emotionally taxing farewells. And, if you think saying goodbye is hard, imagine how Sophie Turner, Kit Harington, Maisie Williams, Peter Dinklage, and all the others felt while filming their final scenes.

Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams sat down for an interview on Strahan and Sara to discuss the end of Game of Thrones, their friendship, what fans should expect, and the cast members they are destined to miss the most.

While Sophie and Maisie will likely continue seeing each other on a frequent basis – as their friendship is widely understood to be quite strong – other cast members may fail to be such stable presences in their lives.

Sophie Turner says she will miss Kit Harington from ‘Game of Thrones’

After agreeing to be called “Mophie” by Michael Strahan, Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams opened up about their tight-knit bond and matching tattoos. They also explained how different cast members finished on different days, leading to multiple sad farewells and goodbye speeches.

When asked who they would miss the most, other than each other, Sophie Turner stated, “Definitely not Jon Snow” before going on to explain, “I think I will miss Kit the most.” Maisie Williams chimed in to let it be known that Kit Harington lives very close to her; thus, she likely won’t be presented with the opportunity to miss him.

Masie Williams, after Sophie Turner suggested David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, admitted that she will miss them the most. They both serve as creators on the show and Maisie Williams doesn’t see them very often. Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams call them the “fun uncles.”

What’s next for Sophie Turner following ‘Game of Thrones?’

Sophie Turner, having cemented her presence in Hollywood with Game of Thrones, will star in the title role of Dark Phoenix, which is set to hit theaters everywhere June 7, 2019.

Sophie Turner, according to IMDb, is slated to appear in two more upcoming films as well: Heavy and Broken Soldier. Heavy is currently in post-production while filming for Broken Soldier is complete.

In Broken Soldier, Sophie Turner will star alongside Mark Kassen and Ray Liotta in a film following a war veteran who, struggling with PTSD, befriends a teenage girl. Heavy will star Sophie Turner and Daniel Zovatto as a crazy couple living amidst the high-end drug scene, according to Screen Daily.  

Fans look forward to seeing Sophie Turner take on roles outside of Game of Thrones, specifically ones disparate from the character she portrays on the series, as they are curious to see the types of roles she is attracted to.