Sorry Alex Rodriguez, Jennifer Lopez Says ‘Acting Is the Love of My Life’

The love of Jennifer Lopez’s life isn’t her fiancé, Alex Rodriguez, a former MLB player for the New York Yankees; it’s acting. 

Lopez has been an actress for decades but 2019 proved to be an especially banner year for her. In 2019, she received positive reviews from audiences and critics alike for her role in Hustlers — a women-led film she also produced — which required her to learn how to pole dance. The performance garnered Lopez a nomination for a Golden Globe Award and quickly led to talk of an Oscar nod. 

She also went on a concert tour, It’s My Party, in honor of her 50th birthday. Plus, Lopez broke the internet when she strutted down the runway at a Versace fashion show wearing her iconic green dress, the inspiration behind Google Images. Keep in mind, these are just a few of the things Lopez did in the past year. But when all is said and done, for J. Lo, acting is the love of her life. 

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez at the 77th Annual Golden Globe Awards on Jan. 5, 2020
Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez at the 77th Annual Golden Globe Awards on Jan. 5, 2020 | Steve Granitz/WireImage

Lopez: ‘Acting is the love of my life’

On the heels of her Golden Globe loss to Laura Dern for Best Supporting Actress and her Oscars snub for Hustlers — fans wanted and expected the mother of two to get a nod for her performance as veteran stripper Ramona — Vanity Fair published an interview with the triple threat in their 2020 Hollywood issue. 

During the conversation, Lopez discussed how she’s able to separate herself from her characters after the interviewer told her, “You move so seamlessly through acting, music, fashion, hosting, and business. We all feel like we know you, yet you’re still able to disappear into your characters. It’s a very delicate balancing act.” 

“Yes, for sure,” Lopez replied before adding, “I would say dancing and music are my first loves, but acting is the love of my life. You have your first love and the love of your life, and acting is the love of my life.”

Jennifer Lopez: Acting provides ‘challenge’ and ‘thrill’ 

While acting is the love of J. Lo’s life, Rodriguez or A-Rod is her “everything” as evidenced by the comment she left on her fiancé’s Instagram post about her being a champion despite losing at the Golden Globes on Jan. 5. 

In the same interview, J. Lo said for her “the challenge” of acting is getting audiences to see the character she’s playing and not her, Lopez, the person. 

“I feel like every time I take on a role, it is only about becoming somebody that I’m not,” she said. “When they go in and see me, they don’t see J. Lo—they see the maid, they see the stripper, they see who they’re supposed to see because I’m able to still give you the suspension of disbelief,” she explained. “That is the challenge of it for me, but also the thrill of it for me.”

In recent years, J. Lo has expanded her repertoire beyond singing, dancing, and acting, pushing herself to do more. But that’s what makes J. Lo J. Lo. She’s constantly trying to one-up herself creatively.

Following a two-season stint as a judge on American Idol, Lopez became a judge and executive producer on another talent competition series, The World of Dance. Meanwhile, she’s continued with acting, producing, dancing, and singing. Despite a lackluster awards show season for Lopez, we can’t wait to see her and Shakira’s Super Bowl halftime show performance and what’s next for the multihyphenate.