Southern Charm’: Ashley Jacobs Claims Family Refused to Talk to Her After ‘Egg Donor’ Comment

Ashley Jacobs is one of Southern Charm’s biggest villains right now. With Thomas Ravenel off the show, Southern Charm has been missing that particular “someone to hate” for a while, but Jacobs seems to have been wedged into that gap rather effectively. 

While the star claims she’s not a villain, some fans feel she hasn’t really made any major or genuine apologies since reappearing for Season 6 of the show. However, as Jacobs continues to discuss Southern Charm after her reappearance on the show, she has come forward with claims that her own family refused to talk to her after her infamous “egg donor” comment. 

Ashley Jacobs attempts an apology

Since reappearing on Season 6 of Southern Charm, Jacobs has been seen trying to discuss her past behavior with several castmates. She recently met with Naomie Olindo and after a somewhat confusing conversation, left Olindo doubtful of her apologies. 

It seems Kathryn Dennis was next on her list. Jacobs is infamous for belittling Dennis as a mother, saying that she’s nothing more than an “egg donor” to Thomas Ravenel, as opposed to a real mother. Her comments shocked Southern Charm castmates and fans alike, and cemented her role as a villain alongside Ravenel on the Bravo show. 

However, both Dennis and Jacobs were invited to a fox hunt at Eliza Limehouse’s estate. There, Jacobs attempted to make amends with Dennis. 

Dennis stepped away from the hunt to chat with Jacobs, who opened with, “Thank you so much for just being, even approachable. I should have reached out to you a long time ago and I just want to say that what I said to you was none of my f****** business. Who am I to tell somebody how they should raise their kids, what kind of mother they are?”

Jacobs later added, “Listen, we will probably never speak again after this. I just, I owe you an apology. It was never my place to say or do what I did. I mean, I’m not asking for forgiveness, I just want some sort of peace.”

Her family left her on ice 

During their conversation, the Southern Charm star revealed that, after her attack on Dennis’ character, her family members wouldn’t speak to her. 

“They didn’t talk to me for a while, they were so disappointed in me. My sister said, ‘I’m a mother and if someone said that to me, I’d want to kill them,’” said Jacobs. 

She added, “You have to understand Kathryn, I really wanted you to know that I was not a threat to you. I was never trying to break up your family. I was really supportive of you and Thomas’ relationship. I was your biggest fan, really.”

Dennis wasn’t buying it. She replied, “You literally said the opposite of that several times. I don’t know how you can go from one polar opposite end of the spectrum to this one. I don’t know if I buy it. I just don’t buy the fact that you’re trying to be nice to me right now.”

Dennis doesn’t buy it 

While Jacobs seems to be putting her heart on her sleeve during this apology, Kathryn Dennis’ body language portrayed an “I’ve heard it before” attitude.

Dennis accepted Jacobs apology, but it seemed like it might have been a move to simply end the conversation. Dennis told Jacobs, “ I appreciate that. I really do. That’s very nice of you. I appreciate you saying that. And yeah, I wish you the best too.”

During a confessional interview, however, Dennis said, “There’s no way I can forget all of the s*** she’s said about me. Hell no.”