‘Southern Charm’: Austen Kroll Reveals Why He Thinks Ashley Jacobs Is so Thirsty for Friendship

In true Southern Charm fashion, this season ended with an explosive bang. The series typically wraps with some grand gala, usually thrown by Patricia Altschul, and drama always ensues.

This year did not disappoint as the resident “villain,” Ashley Jacobs made an appearance at the big shindig, only to get immediately bounced. Although she didn’t have a chance to make a big scene, she had a tantrum on the way out the door, threatening to call the cops for being manhandled.

Shepard Rose, Austen Kroll
Shepard Rose, Austen Kroll |Brianna Stello/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Although Jacobs only appeared briefly on the show, she certainly made an impact. Whenever she was present it was quite apparent the cast didn’t want to have anything to do with her. So why did she keep trying? Austen Kroll has an opinion and shared his thoughts on the Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen After Show.

Why did she return in the first place?

Jacobs asserts the main reason she returned was to push against Altschul’s assertions that Jacobs would not return. Altschul was confident in her replies to fan questions about Jacobs’ potential return. Even adding that any rumors she would return were “fake news.”

Jacobs even posted to social media that she would not come back to the show. Altschul saw her post and created her own post. The social media tennis match between Jacobs and Altschul got real when Jacobs decided she would indeed return.

Jacobs posted to social media that Altschul was the reason why she appeared this season on Southern Charm. “So for all of you who are angry about my return to your precious show … you can thank ol’ Patsy for that one!” she shared to her Instagram story.

Why did Jacobs approach Kathryn Dennis?

An After Show caller wanted to know Kroll’s reaction to the conversation between Jacobs and Kathryn Dennis, plus why does he think Jacobs is trying so hard to get everyone to like her.

While he says that’s a question everyone is trying to answer, he takes a stab at what he thinks. “I think that she thinks she can come in and gain favor with strategic people,” he says. “And then that will win over the favor of the group, I suppose.”

But he adds he has no idea why she desperately wants Dennis to like her. “I think that Kathryn has drawn a line in the sand and is like, ‘Look, I don’t want your friendship and I don’t want anything.’ And I think she handled it well by even speaking to her.”

Why is she so thirsty for friendship?

Throughout the season, Jacobs insisted she wanted to mend fences. But her words show otherwise. “Her whole goal is to talk a whole bunch of mess,” Kroll says. “And then she comes in and is like, ‘Oh my God you are so pretty.’ Then she bashes you the whole lead up.”

After Show co-guest comedian Whitney Cummings has her own suspicions. “I have a sneaking suspicion she wants to be on television.” As she laughs, Kroll jokes, “Oh, do you?”

Meanwhile, host Andy Cohen nods along. “Oh that’s interesting,” Kroll adds sarcastically.