‘Southern Charm’ Cast Dishes on Craig Conover’s Blow Up at Austen Kroll

Craig Conover of Southern Charm fame seems to be a little moody lately. Sure, nobody likes a breakup, but it’s been over a year since Conover and ex-girlfriend Naomie Olindo called it quits. Olindo has moved on, finding love with Metul Shah — but it seems like Conover is still hung up on his past relationship. Perhaps some of that sadness and stress was behind Conover’s massive blow-up at Austen Kroll. 

Craig Conover is still hurting 

In a recent episode of Southern Charm, the cast attended Cameran Eubanks’ birthday party. Craig Conover clearly had plenty to drink — he was spotted drinking directly out of a Fireball whiskey bottle. That’s when things started to get ugly. Conover discussed the feelings he still had left over for Naomie Olindo. 

Eubanks asked Conover if he still loved Olindo, to which he replied, “I love her and hate her at the same time. We thought we were going to get married. Of course, I loved her.”

Conover also expressed the feeling that he and Olindo never truly reached a point of closure on their breakup. “We can’t be around each other because we never f***ing closed anything,” said Conover. “That’s why we can’t be a foot away from each other without her f***ing darting out the door. It’s easier for her to act like it never happened.”

It’s clear that the Southern Charm star is feeling jilted and depressed about his breakup, and it might not be surprising if that’s part of what motivated his explosion at Austen Kroll. 

Conover lashes out at Austen Kroll 

Not only did Craig Conover get into his feelings for Naomie Olindo at the party — he also blew up at his friend, Austen Kroll. It seems as though Kroll had previously invited Conover to go out with some friends he met that day, and Conover agreed. But when Conover arrived, Kroll was paying out his tab and getting ready to go home, partially at Chelsea Meissner’s urging. Kroll was not having it. 

“You’re a loser. You go, ‘I’m leaving,’ and I asked why, and you said ‘because my ex-girlfriend told me to,’ ” said Conover. “You left me with a bunch of people I didn’t know.”

Kroll denies this, and Conover gets more upset. “You left the bar because your ex-girlfriend told you to go. You said it out loud,” yelled Conover.

Conover went on to tell Chelsea Meissner to get out of Kroll’s life since they’re not dating. “You suck by the way. If you’re not gonna date him, get out of his life. The fact that you guys still talk is also batsh*t crazy. You’re telling him to go home but you’re not his mom. I’m not angry, you guys are f***ing nuts,” he added.

The cast dishes on his blowup

During the Southern Charm after show, Austen Kroll, Chelsea Meissner, and Naomie Olindo dished on Conover’s explosion at the party. 

“Every time that I go home from the bar, he flips at me,” explained Kroll. 

“Because God forbid a woman tells you what to do, that’s just unbelievable, and that you would listen to her!” Meissner said. 

“He got so mad because when Craig is like, on one and he’s drinking and he wants to go out, he’s not the type of person that starts drinking and then can go home and go to bed. He has to stay out all night long. That’s why those three are such good friends I think, because they’re friends but also drinking buddies, they’re like each other’s wingmen. They go out, they get started, they stay out all night, they don’t have to get up in the morning,” explained Olindo. “And when one of them you know, stops and wants to go home and not party and stuff, and they finally don’t have a wingman anymore, that’s what pisses them off.”