‘Southern Charm’: Craig Conover Claims Ashley Jacobs ‘Should Be Medicated’

During the Season 6 finale of Southern Charm, Craig Conover wound up caught in the middle of two major mistakes. The first was his choice to join Shep Rose in a prank they pulled on Austen Kroll for the night — an ill-thought-out prank that might have cost Rose his friendship with Kroll.

The second? Conover was right on the scene when Ashley Jacobs arrived at Patricia Altschul’s cocktail party. The Southern Charm star was standing between Jacobs and Altschul when Jacobs erupted. Now, Conover is claiming that Jacobs needs mental health help. 

The prank mistake 

Southern Charm fans will recall that last year, Austen Kroll was caught on video with two other women who had seemingly spent the night at his house. Madison LeCroy could be heard angrily confronting him, while he called her crazy. Obviously it didn’t look good, and eventually Kroll and LeCroy broke up before getting back together. 

Shep Rose has never been a supporter of Kroll’s relationship with LeCroy, and he decided to try and embarrass Kroll at Patricia Altschul’s party. Rose and Craig Conover brought along two dates to the party — the same two women who were caught on video with Kroll. 

Kroll was mortified and upset with Rose, for obvious reasons. Kroll said to Rose, “This friendship is in total ruins. Don’t let the door hit you, pal.”

Craig Conover saw that he’d made a mistake in joining Rose on this escapade, and he bowed out as Kroll tore Rose apart. Conover wound up sitting on the stairs, and when Rose approached, Conover said, “I didn’t know this was all a ploy for your inferiority complex.”

Ashley Jacobs on the scene 

As the night wore on and the party began to die down, Southern Charm star Ashley Jacobs arrived. Patricia Altschul and Ashley Jacobs are notoriously at odds. Jacobs is also infamous for calling Kathryn Dennis an “egg donor,” as opposed to a real mother. 

When Jacobs arrived, Altschul gestured for her bodyguard, Mr. Kale, to escort the visitor out. Craig Conover was nearby, and when Mr. Kale started guiding Jacobs towards the door, Conover can be seen placing himself between the woman and Altschul. 

As she was guided from the party, Altschul shouted towards Patricia, “I know what you did. And the truth will come out.”

Patricia Altschul said of Jacobs during the Southern Charm After Show, “I mean, how did I manipulate her? I’ve made her create all of those insults? She’s insane. She’s a moron and she’s insane.”

Craig Conover says she needs medication

It seems as if Craig Conover agrees with the grande dame of Southern Charm

During a recent episode of the Domenick Nati Show, Conover said, “I think she’s, you know, unfortunately got a screw loose. When I saw her reaction, you guys will see it tonight, she shows up to attack Patricia and she just looks crazy. So, no, I’d prefer to never see her again in my life.”

Conover went on to add, “Honestly I think she’s delusional in the definition of the word. I think that she lives in a different realm than us. Her reality is that she’s the victim and she’s convinced she’s the victim and she just cannot understand why people don’t see it that way. And I don’t think she’s of sound mind. You know there’s been plenty of opportunities where it’s like, ‘Hey, we get it.’ … We gave her a chance to be sane, and she didn’t take it. In a non-professional opinion I think she’s nuts and I think that she should be medicated.”