‘Southern Charm’: Craig Conover Spills Reunion Secrets (And Shares Who He Has a Crush On)

Craig Conover from Southern Charm was ready to dish about the season and the upcoming explosive reunion when he shared all with iHeart Radio talk show host, Domenick Nati on the Domenick Nati Show.

The Delaware-native charmer offered his insights and opinions into what the cast was thinking throughout the season, plus gave a surprising account of his reunion interaction with ex-girlfriend Naomie Olindo.

Craig Conover
Craig Conover |Rodolfo Martinez/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

He also did a deep dive into Thomas Ravenel’s ex-girlfriend, Ashley Jacobs’ return and what exactly he thinks of the California-based nurse. Finally, although he wouldn’t spill about exactly which Bravolebrity he’s hooked up with, he did share which reality television cast member he has a crush on … and it is pretty surprising.  

A united front?

“Awkward “is a pretty good way to describe any interaction between Conover and Olindo throughout the season. After the couple broke up their tension was extremely apparent. But this season, there isn’t as much tension, but instead more of an uncomfortable vibe between the two.

He admits the two stayed away from each other during the season. “But on the reunion, we were actually able to team up,” he admitted. “It was the first time we were both really supportive of each other.”

Naomie Olindo, Craig Conover
Naomie Olindo, Craig Conover | Paul Cheney/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Conover says they both apologized and then had a friendship-affirming moment at the bar after the reunion wrapped. “We actually sat at the bar for like an hour after the reunion and kind of just talked like old friends.”

What you see isn’t necessarily what is happening

Conover contends that the men on the show offer a realistic view of what is really going on their lives. The women, however, are a different story. He says Cameran Eubanks is very different on-camera versus in real life during the reunion. “Cammy really calmed down this year,” he says. “She had a lot of strong opinions. But based on the reunion, I think Cameran was the most disappointing. She claimed she had a lot of opinions going into it and she really didn’t say a lot of them.”

He continues by saying Olindo isn’t overly transparent too. Overall, Conover thinks, “The girls like to pretend that their lives are perfect at the reunion.” He adds that viewers will see that he doesn’t think that’s fair either.

While he thinks Olindo changed the most during the season, Eubanks changed the most during the reunion. “At the reunion [Olindo] redeemed herself and Cameran was the culprit,” he says. “During the season, it was Naomie’s goal to convince everyone she’s happy and doing great. And that’s kinda an act.” Even though he thinks the guys are the most upfront, he believes Austen Kroll is the least trustworthy this season. “Because he will tell Madison whatever we tell him,” Conover asserts.

Ashley Jacobs probably needs to be medicated

Nati dove into Jacobs’ return to the show and wanted to get Conover’s reaction to her demeanor during the reunion and online. Conover references some wild Cameo videos she’s made for fans that she’s shared publicly. “[The video] is like three and a half minutes long,” he says. While he doesn’t recall Jacobs having an issue with him in the past she does now. She attacks him and his sewing in a video. “She goes after Patricia, me in a happy birthday message that makes her look like the Joker from Batman.”

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He also thinks she has as “screw loose.” Adding she showed up looking crazy at the season finale. “I prefer to never see her again in my life,” he says. “Honestly I think she’s delusional. Her reality is that she’s the victim and she’s convinced she’s the victim.”

Conover adds that Jacobs doesn’t understand how people don’t see her as the victim either. “I don’t think she’s of sound mind. She’s has had plenty of opportunities where it’s like ‘Hey, we get it!” We gave her a chance to be sane and she didn’t take it. In a non-professional opinion, I think she’s nuts and she should be medicated.” He concludes, “She actually believes she is this national phenom.”

About that crush …

Although he’s currently seeing someone, he wouldn’t share who. Plus while he admits to hooking up with someone from Bravo, he won’t say who or from which show. “That one is still in the vault,” he remarks. Nati wonders if Conover hooked up with a Housewife. “It is not a Housewife,” he says. “That would make it funny. I think it wouldn’t have stayed a secret if it was a Housewife.” He added that he’s never hooked up with anyone on Southern Charm, including Kathryn Dennis. “We’ve never even kissed,” he says.

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Conover does give this little nugget to Nati about a crush he has on one Southern Charm cast member. He is asked who is his reality TV crush. “I guess Cam is my reality TV crush,” he admits. The feelings may be mutual. Eubanks visited Conover earlier in the season and even said she might have a crush on him seeing as though he’s all grown up.