‘Southern Charm’: Craig Conover’s Reunion with the Family Dog Is Completely Heartwarming

When Craig Conover from Southern Charm recently returned home he received probably one of the most heartwarming greetings by a furry family member.

Although Conover resides in Charleston, South Carolina, he didn’t grow up in the area. He is originally from Delaware, which is where his parents and favorite pooch reside. According to Delaware Online, Conover is from Fenwick Island, which is also the name of the family dog.

Craig Conover
Craig Conover | Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

Conover’s father captured a sweet video of his son arriving home for a visit. Conover waits inside the garage as his dad finds the fluffy Golden Retriever pup to give him a big surprise. Thankfully, Conover shared the special moment on his Instagram story.

Surprise Fenwick!

Conover’s dad whistles for the pup as the camera is fixated on a door where Fenwick is likely to be trotting through. As Conover’s dad whistles, Fenwick finally appears, happily responding to the whistle. Over the video are the words, “Surprise Fenwick!”

Fenwick takes a moment to round the corner and see who is waiting at the bottom of the stairs. As the pup realizes it is his favorite guy, the dog rushes down the stairs to greet Conover.

Fenwick wiggles with glee, tail furiously wagging as Conover drops to his knees to give the sweet dog a proper greeting. As Fenwick is blissfully amid some serious tail wagging, whines and cries can be heard from the dog, which is as heartbreaking as they are sweet.

Toy time!

Fenwick’s cries intensify as he really starts to realize Conover is home. Plenty of kisses and hugs are going all around as Conover beams with happiness to see his dog. Conover’s father can be heard saying, “Who’s that Fenwick, I told you!”

Conover responds, “You told him I was coming?” Meanwhile, Fenwick disappears into the garage. He reappears with a balled-up sock, which he delivers to Conover. Conover’s father also seems a little overwhelmed with emotion seeing how Fenwick is reacting to Conover’s return home. He helps Fenwick with his sock and tells him to, “Go get him!”

Even though Fenwick has a sock in his mouth, his heartbreaking cries of love and affection grow louder and louder. “Did you get your socks? Go get him stinker,” Conover’s dad says to Fenwick. At this point, Fenwick seems so overwhelmed he doesn’t know what to do with himself.

‘Southern Charm’ has gone to the dogs

In addition to being a dog brother to Fenwick, Conover also has a dog named Bethany. Naming dogs after special places in Delaware may be a thing for the Conover family as Bethany Beach a highlight area near Conover’s home.

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Conover’s buddy, Shep Rose is also now a dog dad. He told Showbiz Cheat Sheet he had to join the dog fun. “I have the wherewithal to take care of [a dog]. I like the companionship. And … I kept seeing people with dogs on Instagram, and I was jealous.”

Not only did Rose get a dog, but he also named his French Bulldog after Conover.  “He’s a wild man, loves people and being in the middle of things. And he’s mischievous. So he’s like me and Craig in that regard,” Rose said. Plus, if Conover were ever to get another dog, Rose thinks it would be fun if he would consider naming his dog Shep.