‘Southern Charm’: Did Austen Kroll or Shep Rose Make Up The Chlamydia Rumor?

Southern Charm has been fraught with rumors about the cast members’ sexual activity lately. Madison LeCroy recently had to discuss whether or not she partakes in “butt stuff” after one of Shep Rose’s comments. However, let’s not forget that LeCroy is also the source of one of the biggest rumors on Southern Charm this season — the chlamydia rumor.

Since spreading the rumor that Danni Baird contracted chlamydia from Shep Rose, LeCroy has been on the outs with some of her fellow castmates. However, it seems as if it could have been either Kroll or Rose who actually started the rumor from the get-go. 

The original STD rumor 

Shep Rose | Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Southern Charm stars Shep Rose and Madison LeCroy have never seemed to be on great terms. It seems especially clear that Rose doesn’t approve of Austen Kroll dating LeCroy. So, when it seemed as if the two were starting to reunite during a Southern Charm trip to Colorado, Rose and LeCroy got into a fight. 

Desperate to win regardless of the cost, LeCroy let a secret slip. LeCroy said to Rose of Danni Baird, “You don’t f****** scare me. You’re a bully,” LeCroy told Rose. “You want to know facts? I heard you gave her chlamydia. That’s what I heard.”

Rose and Baird both immediately denied the accusation. LeCroy replied with, “Well if it’s not true, that’s fine.”

It seems it was not all ok to Rose and Baird. Rose fired back with, “It’s not fine. I don’t understand you. What’s the anger come from? … And Austen told you? So now you’ve thrown him under the bus. You’re a tornado. You just hurt three people, or tried to. Was it worth it?”

Danni Biard agreed, adding, “If you want to hurt him, that’s fine. But why the hell would you just do that to me? You truly don’t know what you’re talking about, and you are hurting people who shouldn’t be hurt. I’m on your team, so why the f*** are you acting like this?”

Are Baird and LeCroy still friends?

Danni Baird, Chelsea Meissner
Danni Baird and Chelsea Meissner | Paul Cheney/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Southern Charm star Danni Baird claims that Madison LeCroy has become a different person entirely than who she used to be. During the Southern Charm After Show, Baird said, “I mean it’s a different Madison than the Madison I knew. So obviously, something ain’t right.”

According to Baird, it’s not easy for her to be around LeCroy any longer. She told The Daily Dish, “It’s gonna be hard for me to even look at either of them. I’m still very betrayed. I am very hurt. I feel as though I’ve seen their true colors, and no thanks.”

Baird added, “Honestly, there’s nothing really an apology could do. Believe it or not, Austen has never apologized to me for his role in this. He has never even addressed it with me. Madison did apologize right after, but I was too upset at the time to even hear it. I mean, they could apologize, but honestly the best thing they could do is literally just change how they treat people. You can’t do this stuff to other people and not expect for karma to hit you like a freight train later.”

Who actually started the rumor?

Austen Kroll
Austen Kroll | Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

During the Southern Charm reunion episode, it became clear that LeCroy had received the rumor from someone — and that someone was either Kroll or Rose

“And it was really, really hurtful and not true. And so, I don’t know where the disconnect is. I don’t know how someone just comes up with chlamydia. I don’t know if you made it up?” said Danni Baird during the episode. Cohen asked Kroll if he made it up, and fans were treated to a clip of Kroll saying he didn’t make it up.

During the clip, Kroll says he didn’t make it up, and that he heard it from Shep Rose. Cohen says, “So Shep, you told Austen this?”

“No, I didn’t. I — we — it got misconstrued,” said Rose. “We have had — I don’t remember anything like that,” he added. 

So now fans are left scratching their heads. Did Kroll make up the rumor? Did Shep Rose? Why would Rose make up a rumor that he gave Baird chlamydia? Either way, both Kroll and Rose are left looking bad.