‘Southern Charm:’ Did Cameran Eubanks Want to Be a White Witch?

In season four of Southern Charm, Cameran Eubanks makes a stunning admission. “There’s a secret I’ve kept to myself that I haven’t told many people,” Eubanks said during an episode. “Back in high school, I went through a phase where I wanted to be a white witch.”

Eubanks recounts dying her hair purple and going into the woods to “do all kinds of weird s**t that I won’t even repeat.” But she hilariously adds, “Hey, I still got homecoming queen!”

Cameran Eubanks|Photo by Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

During the episode where she breaks her big “white witch” news, she visits the home of a “Hoodoo” doll maker, who is the partner of a coworker. Eubanks shares insight into why she shared her past with viewers, plus offers some background into witchcraft in Lowcountry.

The dolls provide protection

When Eubanks enters the Hoodoo doll room she’s taken aback but pretty delighted with the “creepy but cool dolls. Dollmaker, Larry Fertick from Doctor Wren, points out, “They are creepy because they are scaring away the evil things that try to come into your house and into your life,” Fertick says.

Each doll has a special gris-gris bag, which holds the potion. Plus, each doll also comes with a poem too. “Hoodoo dolls can help you bring good into your life and other people’s life,” Eubanks says in a confessional interview. As she peruses Fertick’s studio, she reads the meaning behind various dolls.

She notes one helps the owner remove obstacles and achieve goals. “Gosh I should bathe in it,” she said. “They can help bring peace, protection. It’s all positive. White magic is positive.”

How to choose the right doll?

Hoodoo is pretty well known in South Carolina Eubanks says. “Growing up in South Carolina, you hear about Hoodoo,” Eubank says in a confessional interview. “It’s definitely more associated with the Lowcountry.”

She also explores how to select the right doll too. Fertick says each doll does the same thing. “It’s just which one is speaking to you,” he says to Eubanks. As Eubanks scans the mass of dolls she says she immediately went to one in particular.

Eubanks selects “Mama Estella” to help her find answers in what her life’s purpose might be. “And this doll, ‘Mama’ is going to help me,” Eubanks remarks.

She hoped to help Shep Rose too

Eubanks was determined to help Shep Rose find love. She thought a Hoodoo doll might be his best bet. While Doctor Wren didn’t make a love doll at the time, Fertick told her he could create one for him in a few weeks.

Meanwhile, Rose gets a wakeup call about his health and bemoans his single status to Eubanks. She gives him his own Hoodoo doll and suggests he leaves the doll on his love interest’s porch. At the time Rose was gunning hard for Chelsea Meissner. Of course Rose reacts strongly when he first views the doll.

But alas, fast forward a few seasons and Rose is still single. The good news is if Rose wanted to try Hoodoo again, Doctor Wren has plenty of choices. His custom, handmade dolls are sold for about $500 apiece and he has a doll for just about every occassion.