‘Southern Charm:’ Does a Map of ‘T-Rav Safe Zones’ Actually Exist?

Southern Charm season 6 premieres this May without one of its original cast members. Thomas Ravenel was a big part of the series from the beginning, but after he was arrested for sexual assault, he was booted from the roster.

Ravenel has also been booted from a number of Charleston bars and restaurants. Apparently, he was feuding so hard with a local restaurant owner, the owner created a special “T-Rav safe zones map” where the former reality personality is not welcome. The fight went down in person and then on social media, which actually began more than a decade ago, according to Holy Sinner.com. So what happened?

Whitney Sudler-Smith, Thomas Ravenel |Photo by Brianna Stello/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

The disagreement spans more than a decade

Southern Charm fans have seen Ravenel sink his teeth into friends pretty hard, especially after he’s had a few drinks. He hosted an elegant dinner party where he proceeded to insult and verbally attack nearly everyone sitting at the table. At one point it appeared that Ravenel might physically attack some of the cast members as they bolted from his home before dinner was served.

This feud appeared to be just as contentious. Craig Nelson, the owner of Charleston bar, Proof told Charleston City Paper how the bad blood began more than 13 years ago. “Thomas and a friend were at the bar and they were inebriated and loud,” Nelson says. “In the middle of dinner, Thomas walks up to our table and says he’s going to beat my ass.” Nelson believes Ravenel mistook him for a complaining patron and Ravenel yelled in Nelson’s face.

“It was so bizarre. My wife and I knew him from working in F&B, but we weren’t hugely fond of him,” Nelson added. “And when he finally left Sushi Hiro, the entire restaurant applauded.” A few months later Nelson was opening a new restaurant. Ravenel tries to enter and Nelson and other co-owners let him know he’s not welcome.

The ban extended to more than one place

“Well, apparently, the ban carried over to their other restaurants,” Nelson said to Charleston City Paper. This includes Fallert, Mink, and Leboutillier operated Poe’s, Monza, and Taco Boy under REV Foods.

Ravenel was banned from several places for 13 years, hence the T-Rav safe zone map. But in 2017, Ravenel was done with the ban. He tried to talk to Nelson about allowing him back in the Charleston establishments. “Thomas said, ‘Hey, can we talk privately,'” Nelson revealed. “Thomas proceeded to tell me that I need to be forgiving. I told him, ‘I forgive you, but I’m never gonna like you.’ Then Thomas says, ‘I’m gonna explain to you about forgiveness’ and that’s when I said ‘Get the f**k out of my bar.'”

That’s when Ravenel went off on Facebook

In a deleted Facebook post, Ravenel ripped Nelson. “The thinnest skinned wimp I’ve ever encountered runs Proof,” Holy Sinner.com captured. “After 13 years he’s still pouting from the smallest of slights. Craig is such a little girl. Cry baby cry. Tonight this man child had a temper tantrum not unlike a two year old. One day I’m going to teach this boy a lesson. Ah, but I won’t. Zero competition.”

Ravenel is hot under the collar about the ban. He told Charleston City Paper he wanted to put the feud behind them. “We used to be buddies and I could go into Proof, so I went in there and I said, ‘You’re still angry. You need to forgive me,” Ravenel said about Nelson. “Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself. Then he goes crazy and starts yelling at me telling me not to give him unsolicited advice.” Should the T-Rav safe zone be lifted? Or has Ravenel overstayed his welcome in Lowcountry?

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