‘Southern Charm’: Eliza Limehouse Says This Is the Real Reason Why Kathryn Dennis Doesn’t Like Her

From the minute season six of Southern Charm began, it was quite apparent that Eliza Limehouse and Kathryn Dennis weren’t going to be besties.

Limehouse clumsily stumbled over her words during the first party of the season, sharing how close she was to Thomas Ravenel. Viewers know Ravenel and Dennis share two children together. Ravenel is currently suing Dennis for full custody although he is still fighting charges of sexual assault.

Eliza Limehouse and Cameran Eubanks
Eliza Limehouse and Cameran Eubanks | Eliza Limehouse via Instagram

Although it didn’t come to blows, Dennis and Limehouse, for the most part simply kept their distance from each other for the remainder of the season. Limehouse shared her insight into why Dennis doesn’t like her with iHeart Radio talk show host, Domenick Nati on the Domenick Nati Show.

How is their relationship today?

The drama this season ended with Ashely Jacobs unsuccessfully trying to crash Patricia Altschul’s party but a little drama was brewing between Limehouse and Dennis. Limehouse says Dennis has never really given her a reason why she is cool toward her.

“She’s never really come up with a solid reason why she doesn’t like me,” Limehouse says. “So we’re not on any level of besties, but we’re definitely not enemies. We’re just like kind of … there.”

Limehouse reiterates what most viewers witnessed between the two this season. “When we are together with all our friends we’re like ‘Hey how are you?’ I don’t think either of us have any ill will toward one another but, she’s never addressed why she doesn’t like me.”Limehouse adds, “We’re just kind of stagnant,” she laughs.

Could Dennis be jealous of Limehouse?

Nati wondered if perhaps Dennis is a little jealous of Limehouse because of her family’s close ties to Ravenel. “I don’t know, that’s a question you’re going to have to ask her,” Limehouse says. “We have a lot of history. You know, I’ve known her for a long time. Even before the show. And things have just gotten weirder over the years.”

Limehouse adds that she has no idea why her relationship has gotten so strange. In fact, she has even asked Danni Baird, who is close to Dennis. “I’ve asked Danni and she doesn’t even know,” she continues.

“I don’t think she has a real reason,” she adds. “I just think it just stems back that the Limehouses and the Ravenels are really close. She just probably doesn’t like that. That’s something you are going to have to ask her, not me because I don’t have a problem with her.”

Is she still friends with Ashley Jacobs?

Limehouse went into the season being on friendly terms with Jacobs. But Jacobs lashed out at the cast on both social media and during the brief social interactions on the show. “I mean she’s never done anything to me personally,” she said. “She did upset me when I’ve given her multiple platforms to apologize to not only Kathryn but all of our friends. And obviously, she didn’t really do what I intended for her to do.”

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She adds the situation was clearly out of her control and she tried. “She did try to apologize at the end, but that’s just kind of a mess that isn’t my fight. I am Switzerland and she’s never really done anything to me personally.”

“Let’s all think about human nature,” she remarks. “If you have a bunch of people, basically all her friends, against you, it’s human nature to kind of go bananas and go in self-defense mode.”