‘Southern Charm’: How Kathryn Dennis’ Castmates Might Have Alienated Her On Their Colorado Trip

Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis has been battling with sobriety since her stint in rehabilitation. While she has returned clean and sober, living a sober lifestyle can make life with friends and family who aren’t sober challenging. And it’s certainly made more challenging by Thomas Ravenel bandying about accusations of intoxication and drug abuse. 

Perhaps this degree of stress is why Kathryn Dennis ended up somewhat alienated during the Southern Charm trip to Colorado. When her Southern Charm castmates made one particular choice, it seemed to have triggered Kathryn Dennis. Now, her Southern Charm peers are dishing on what went down. 

Dealing with Thomas Ravenel in court

Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel ended their relationship in 2016, and began their custody battle shortly afterward. When Kathryn Dennis was ordered to take a drug test at the time, she failed, losing custody of her children. As a result, she attended rehabilitation in California, returning sober and clean. 

As a result, she was granted 50/50 custody with Ravenel. Ravenel was later accused of sexual assault by his children’s former nanny, and Dennis decided to seek out sole custody as a result. Since then, Ravenel has been claiming that Kathryn Dennis is failing to uphold her sober lifestyle. 

Most recently, the two were ordered to take drug tests in June. Ravenel is claiming that “while in the possession of the children, Kathryn produced a urine test positive for marijuana, benzodiazepines and amphetamines.”

Dennis replied by saying she passed her hair test, and a second urine test. In return, Ravenel claimed that because she dyes her hair so often and wears wigs, the hair test could have been a false negative.

Finding support in Hunter Price

Luckily for the Southern Charm star, she has backup in the form of her new boyfriend. Dennis met Hunter Price during New Year’s Eve, and the two quickly became an item. According to Southern Charm castmate Craig Conover, Hunter Price is an excellent influence on Dennis. 

In an interview with Us Weekly, Conover said that, “I love Hunter. He’s a great dude. Yeah, we’re big fans.” said Conover. “He’s like a sweetheart guy. He’s very nice and she’s really happy around him. And he’s sober, so it’s a good influence,” he added. 

How Kathryn Dennis wound up alienated 

Kathryn Calhoun Dennis
Kathryn Calhoun Dennis | Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Unfortunately for the Southern Charm star, things got a little awkward during her Colorado trip with her pals. Austen Kroll and Craig Conover decided to stop at a marijuana dispensary during their trip, and Kathryn Dennis was obviously upset. 

Kroll and Conover seemed irritated by the reaction. “Weed is not an addictive drug. If you’re sober, does that mean, like, you can’t be around alcohol?” said Kroll to Us Weekly

Kroll went on to say that he thinks Dennis could have managed her reaction better, and that they would have gladly made room for her feelings on the trip. “You’re not gonna come to parties now because I just think that she knew the premise of the trip and like, what was gonna happen and I think that it’s unfair, and she clearly thinks that it’s unfair but I think it’s unfair that she didn’t voice this to me or to us,” explained Kroll.  “Like, ‘Hey guys, um, you know, I’m trying to be a team player here but just know. Don’t forget. This is what happened and the weed thing is kinda’ … But she didn’t say it, she kinda just was in her own little world about it,” he said.

Conover added, “The two of us could have gone to dinner with her somewhere else or whatever, but she didn’t say anything to me, I don’t think.”