‘Southern Charm’: Is Danni Baird Still Friends With Madison LeCroy and Austen Kroll After STD Rumor?

When the Southern Charm crew decided to take a mini-vacation to Colorado, nobody expected things to spiral out of control the way they did. Right away folks began to butt heads. A nasty confrontation between Craig Conover and Chelsea Meissner spiraled out of control on the bus before the crew even left. Later, Shep Rose and Madison LeCroy got into it too, and LeCroy let a nasty rumor loose about Shep Rose and Danni Baird

Now, the cast seems alienated by LeCroy’s comments, and Baird has suggested LeCroy targeted her on purpose. Will Baird be able to repair her friendships with both LeCroy and Kroll? 

Madison LeCroy spreads around a rumor 

When Southern Charm cast members Shep Rose and Madison LeCroy start fighting, everyone else rolls their eyes. The two are infamously incompatible as friends, picking fights with one another whenever possible. And it’s clear that neither of them likes to back down. 

So, when LeCroy saw a chance to attack Rose, she took it. “You don’t f****** scare me. You’re a bully,” LeCroy told Rose. “You want to know facts? I heard you gave her chlamydia. That’s what I heard,” said LeCroy of Danni Baird, who was in the same room. “That’s a fact … Ask Austen.”

Shep Rose denied the accusation, and LeCroy said, “Well if it’s not true, that’s fine.” The other two weren’t having it, however. “It’s not fine. I don’t understand you. What’s the anger come from? … And Austen told you? So now you’ve thrown him under the bus. You’re a tornado. You just hurt three people, or tried to. Was it worth it?” asked Rose.

Baird seemed to feel the same, adding, “If you want to hurt him, that’s fine. But why the hell would you just do that to me? You truly don’t know what you’re talking about, and you are hurting people who shouldn’t be hurt. I’m on your team, so why the f*** are you acting like this?”

Baird says LeCroy targeted her

While it was clear that the Southern Charm star wanted to win her argument with Shep Rose, Danni Baird says there’s more to the story than that. According to Baird, LeCroy once texted Baird’s boyfriend while still dating Austen Kroll, and Baird told Craig Conover. 

Naturally, Conover told Kroll, who surely brought it up with LeCroy. Baird told The Daily Dish, “I think she had harbored that, and I had no idea. I mean, I had actually done everything I could possibly do to kind of protect her in that situation as it was unraveling and not have it escalate into something bigger, but I also had no idea that I had literally given Craig Conover ammunition.”

Baird added, “I didn’t know their relationship backstory, and quite honestly, I couldn’t have cared less,” she said. “The last thing I ever wanted was for her and Austen’s relationship to be exposed as unhealthy on my behalf.”

Is Baird friends with Kroll and LeCroy?

While the Southern Charm star says LeCroy has made overtures at an apology, she adds that the pain is still fresh. 

“Austen had this aggressive animosity towards me that I had no idea existed; I just kept hearing it from other people. And so that’s why when the whole comment in Colorado came out, and she said she heard it from Austen, my mind was just spinning. I was like, ‘This was absolutely calculated,'” Danni Baird said. 

“It’s hurtful. It makes me sad, I’m not gonna lie, it makes me sad that it is gonna be out there. It makes me sad that I was capable of provoking someone to that level of anger, without even knowing they were upset with me. And it doesn’t just affect me; it affects other people that I’ve been involved with in my life. And I think that is the part that hurts the most,” said Baird. 

She went on to add, “It’s gonna be hard for me to even look at either of them. I’m still very betrayed. I am very hurt. I feel as though I’ve seen their true colors, and no thanks. 

According to Baird, Kroll hasn’t even made an apology. She said, “Honestly, there’s nothing really an apology could do. Believe it or not, Austen has never apologized to me for his role in this. He has never even addressed it with me. Madison did apologize right after, but I was too upset at the time to even hear it. I mean, they could apologize, but honestly the best thing they could do is literally just change how they treat people. You can’t do this stuff to other people and not expect for karma to hit you like a freight train later.”

Baird has barely seen LeCroy or Kroll since Season 6 of Southern Charm finished filming.