‘Southern Charm’: Kathryn Dennis’ Ex-Boyfriend Comes Forward to Assist Thomas Ravenel in Court Amid Substance Abuse Claims

Former Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel has been battling Kathryn Dennis for custody since 2016 — but in the last year, things have gotten especially ugly. Thomas Ravenel has begun accusing Kathryn Dennis of a variety of things, ranging from a hit-and-run to leaking her nude photos to the court in attempts to discredit her. Now, Ravenel is claiming that Dennis failed a recent drug test and is filing for sole custody. And to add fuel to the fire, he’s recruited one of Dennis’ ex-boyfriends for assistance. 

How it all started

Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis and her then-boyfriend Thomas Ravenel split in 2016 and began the bitter and ongoing battle for custody over their children, Kensie and Saint. Things were looking bad for Dennis from the get-go — the court required her to take a drug test, which she failed. As a result, Dennis lost custody of her children while she attended rehab in California. She returned claiming to be sober, and the court granted her 50/50 custody with Ravenel. 

However, Ravenel was soon accused of sexual assault by his children’s former nanny, Dawn Ledwell. As a result, Bravo fired Ravenel from Southern Charm, and Kathryn Dennis began a  campaign to receive full custody of their children. Ravenel has since been officially charged with second-degree assault and battery, and the case is still ongoing. 

Thomas Ravenel claims she failed a recent drug test

Now, Thomas Ravenel is claiming Kathryn Dennis has failed another drug test. The former Southern Charm star and Dennis were informed by the court on June 13th that they’d have to take drug tests, according to The Blast. Ravenel is claiming that, “while in the possession of the children, Kathryn produced a urine test positive for marijuana, benzodiazepines and amphetamines.”

Ravenel does go on to admit that Dennis took a second urine test which tested negative, but adds that, “the marijuana detected in the June 14, 2019 test could have been flushed out of her urine by that time.” 

According to The Blast, “Ravenel claims that she has also purchased fake urine in the past online. He points to a credit card statement from their first round of court battles, which showed a $315 purchase from an online store.” Could Kathryn Dennis have utilized fake urine or hair for her drug test? She might have, but many Southern Charm fans have a hard time believing what Ravenel claims, given that he’s been accused of sexual assault twice, and has had substance abuse problems of his own.

Dennis argues the veracity of Ravenel’s claims by pointing out that her hair test was negative. Ravenel asserts that because Dennis wears wigs, extensions, and frequently dyes her hair, it could have had an impact on the test itself. 

Dennis’ ex-boyfriend comes forward

Ashley Pillar and Kathryn Dennis dated briefly from autumn of 2016 and dated through the summer of 2017. Now, Pillar is coming forward with an affidavit against the Southern Charm star. 

According to documents obtained by The Blast, Pillar writes that he believes Kensie and Saint are at risk. He writes that his relationship with Dennis was, “a saga of drama that I wish I could forget. Kathryn is sweet, charming, smart and articulate, but I realized through our relationship that almost everything she presents to the world is a façade.”

Pillar adds that Dennis would “ self-medicate herself on uppers and downers depending on her mood every day. She always took Adderall, but if she got anxious or upset about something, which happened frequently, she would take downers to calm herself.”