‘Southern Charm’: Kathryn Dennis Reveals How She Met New Boyfriend Hunter Price

Season 6 of Southern Charm has been a whirlwind for Kathryn Dennis. Even though Bravo booted Thomas Ravenel from the show as a result of the sexual assault accusations levied against him, his ongoing court battle with Dennis continues to affect her. After an explosive fight with Danni Baird over her recent behavior and her then-lover Joe Abruzzo, Kathryn Dennis was eventually able to find love again with singer Hunter Price. Now, she’s revealing how she met her new flame. 

The split with Thomas Ravenel 

Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel have two children, Kensie and Saint. The Southern Charm couple split in 2016, and since then they’ve been locked into a bitter custody dispute. The ongoing court battle has been nothing short of dramatic. 

Dennis failed a court-ordered drug test and lost custody of her children. After a stint in rehab, Dennis returned to Charleston and was granted 50/50 custody. It wasn’t long before Thomas Ravenel was accused of sexual assault for the second time in his life, and as a result Bravo booted him from Southern Charm. Dennis decided to seek full custody of her children, and things have heated up since then. 

These days, Thomas Ravenel is claiming Bravo, Andy Cohen, and Kathryn Dennis are all conspiring against him. He’s accused Dennis of a hit-and-run, dragged her nudes into court, and claimed she appears intoxicated on television. He’s also subpoenaed Southern Charm’s grande dame, Patricia Altschul. 

All of this has had a mental and emotional toll on Kathryn Dennis, who has had breakdowns both on and off the show during Season 6. Additionally, both parties are draining their financial resources during these court cases, resulting in relocation for Dennis. 

Breaking up with Abruzzo

Kathryn Dennis next found love in yet another Senator — Joe Abruzzo. Like Ravenel, Abruzzo had something of a checkered past, with a very public recent divorce and claims of assault. However, it seems Dennis was able to realize the similarities were there before too long. 

“We just met whenever my friends had met him; I didn’t know him well enough to pick up on patterns to then make a decision whether or not to move forward. Whenever I noticed Danni [Baird] being upset with me because she didn’t agree with the way he talked to me or things he did, that’s when I started to think, hm, if my friends are turning on me, I do not need this man in my life. Girls are more important than any kind of dude,” explained Dennis to the Daily Dish.

Abruzzo, however, felt he was misrepresented. “While briefly dating Kathryn, I never met the cast of Southern Charm. They surely do not know me, the manner of which I retired from public office with awards and accolades, nor my character and values. Therefore, the false comparisons and misrepresentations made by some of the cast and production about me is simply an attempt to add more drama to their show,” Abruzzo told Entertainment Tonight.

Finding love again

Kathryn Dennis is now dating singer Hunter Price, who she met in Nashville around New Year’s Eve. Dennis told the Daily Dish “I was having dinner with some friends that lived there, and he came, and we clicked. And we’re weird, and he gets my weird, and that’s really weird.”

According to Dennis, she had been close to giving up. “He’s really sweet and genuine. To be honest with you, I had lost hope that anyone like that existed ever again in life,” she said.

Dennis seems happy in her new relationship. In fact, she even received approval from Patricia Altschul. “I will say Patricia [Altschul] immediately approved. That’s wild. And I think that speaks highly, right, of him. I don’t know. Everyone likes him a lot. It’s just nice to have everyone be kind and open to someone that I care about, too,” said Dennis.