‘Southern Charm’: Kathryn Dennis Wants to Inspire Women

It’s no stretch to say that Southern Charm has seen more than its fair share of drama in the last year. Ongoing custody battles between former star Thomas Ravenel and current star Kathryn Dennis have been heating up, resulting in nasty allegations from both sides. However, as more of Thomas Ravenel’s past behavior comes to light, and considering his recent behavior in and out of court, many fans are coming to see Kathryn Dennis as the stronger and more mature of the two.

Now, Dennis is saying she wants to be an inspiration to other women.

Making her way through rehab

During Dennis and Ravenel’s original custody proceedings, Dennis allegedly failed a drug test, testing positive for marijuana among other things. As a result, Dennis checked into rehab, and has since come out clean, living a sober life. However, for Dennis, it was a humiliating experience.

On an episode of the show after her rehab, Dennis tells Danni Baird felt, “not only embarrassed … humiliated and ashamed. I mean, all of those, combined. It’s the most disappointed that I have ever felt in myself in my entire life.” She went on to tell Baird that being separated from her children was the most challenging part of the entire process. According to Dennis, she’d break down and cry during rehab whenever she thought about her children.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Dennis said, “You know, it’s been a long haul. But I feel more me than I’ve ever felt in a long time.”

For Dennis, living the sober lifestyle has been an enlightening experience. “It’s been wild, but a great experience,” said Dennis to ET. “That’s gonna be through fresh eyes, and I think that it’ll provide some new perspective, probably, on these people and on these situations that we have, and Charleston in general.”

“I’m really at peace with everything,” Dennis went on to add. “Chaos is out of my life, luckily. And, I have two beautiful babies. What else could you really wish for?”

Being an inspiration

Out of anyone, Dennis would know best how much hard work she’s had to put in to come out of her recent challenges as a capable parent. In a recent interview with Page Six, Dennis described the Mother’s Day activities she planned for her kids.

“I took the kids to a friend’s house and we made a slip and slide out of plastic from Home Depot. It was like the size of, I don’t know, your living room and we poured baby oil and stuff on it and we just slid around and had so much fun!” said Dennis.

Dennis went on to say that she wants to remind women everywhere that they’re stronger than they might expect. “I felt extremely proud that I’m doing this on my own. And celebrating myself and acknowledging all of the progress I’ve made, which I never do,” explained Dennis. “It felt very liberating and satisfying and I truly am proud of the person I’ve become, what I’ve been through and I hope that I do inspire other women to know you can do it cause we’re all badasses!”

Getting back into the groove

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It seems as if the other cast members of Southern Charm have noticed Dennis’ improvement as well. Patricia Altschul even recently said the felt inspired by Dennis. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Altschul said, “She went to rehab, she got her life back in order, she’s passed every drug test. She has been like a different person, and I think it’s just a great redemption story. She inspired me, I was actually very impressed.”

Altschul went on to add, “I was kind of waiting to see if it took. And [my son, Whitney Sudler-Smith] was telling me, you know, all along about how she was a changed person, he likes her enormously. Shep [Rose] was very positive about her. And, and quite frankly, I watched what happened on the show. I saw that evolution really on the show, as well.”