‘Southern Charm New Orleans:’ Did Reagan Charleston Have Her Baby Yet?

Southern Charm New Orleans star Reagan Charleston and her husband, Reece Thomas, surprised the world when they announced they’re expecting a child. Thomas and Charleston wed in a low-key ceremony, and a year after Charleston and her former husband split up, she’s excited about starting a new chapter with her new man. But has Charleston had the baby yet?

Reagan Charleston
Reagan Charleston | Virginia Sherwood/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank

Charleston and her ex-husband, Jeff, kept quiet about their marriage issues

This time last year, Charleston was just getting out of a toxic relationship with her now ex-husband, Jeff Charleston. However, the Southern Charm New Orleans cast member stayed extremely quiet about the problems she and Jeff were having at home. During the show’s season 2 premiere, Charleston opened up a bit more about why she stayed so quiet about her marriage. “I didn’t talk about how messed up our marriage was because it was embarrassing and I didn’t know what to do,” Charleston wrote. She also wrote that it was “constant volatility and turbulence” in their home and tagged Jeff Charleston in the tweets.

Charleston and Thomas dated 10 years ago and reconnected after her split from her ex

Soon after Charleston and her ex split, she rekindled the romance with a former flame. She and Reece Thomas had dated nearly 10 years prior to reconnecting, but clearly there was still a spark. She said in an interview with People that the two had “instant chemistry” and it was as if “no time had passed at all.” Charleston said he also helped her through a rough time last year and that it felt nice to have someone familiar in her life.

After the divorce, Charleston opted to keep her married name rather than take the name of her new husband. She wrote in an Instagram comment that “Reagan Charleston” was used in her law degrees, in her jewelry brand, and more, and she felt it didn’t make sense to change it to something new. Less than a year later, she and Thomas are waiting patiently to welcome their first child.

Charleston’s pregnancy hasn’t been easy, but she is due any day now

Despite the excitement surrounding her first baby, Charleston’s pregnancy hasn’t exactly been a walk in the park. She reposted a photo on Instagram on June 4 that was originally posted by her husband. It said that about eight weeks ago, they were in the hospital and worried their baby would be premature (Charleston was only 30 weeks along at the time). However, “both girls toughed it out” Thomas wrote on Instagram. Now, Charleston is 38 weeks along and can deliver a healthy baby whenever the little girl is ready. Other Bravo stars wished her well in her delivery, and Charleston said the little girl could make her big entrance “any day now.”

The couple will likely make an Instagram announcement when their daughter does arrive, though they might take a few days to themselves before introducing her to the world. Either way, they both seem very ready to become parents; Charleston recently said that Reece was “born to be a dad.”

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