‘Southern Charm’ Newbie Leva Bonaparte Slams Kathryn Dennis’ ‘Hit or Miss’ Fashion Style

For the first six seasons, the Bravo reality series Southern Charm focused primarily on a group of wealthy young white men and women in Charleston, South Carolina. For season 7, the show and its cast have received a much-needed dose of reality. Southern Charm has finally introduced their first non-white full-time cast member, Leva Bonaparte.

Southern Charm season 7
The season 7 cast of ‘Southern Charm’ | John Valkos/Tommy Garcia/Bravo

Fans will know her as one of Cameran Eubanks‘ best friends. And she’s actually been running in Southern Charm social circles for years. Leva isn’t scared to voice her opinion, and she recently called out her co-star Kathryn Dennis for her “hit and miss” fashion style.

Leva Bonaparte has been ‘toying with the idea’ of joining the cast for years

The bravo newbie recently told Decider that she’s been “toying with the idea” of joining the Southern Charm cast for years. She admitted that putting her life on television and receiving criticism from the public is definitely not in her “wheelhouse.”

“I’ve made appearances in the past, but there were certain anxieties. I’ve been friends with these people for so many years. I’m already at the parties. I’ve been toying with the idea for several years, but I was really hyper-focused and having difficulty getting pregnant,” Leva explained.

She says that when you are about to embark on something like starring in a reality TV show, it’s necessary to have space in your life where you are ready to “really be your authentic self.”

She explained that in order to do it justice, you have to be adult enough to be honest and accountable. You also need to have difficult conversations.

“Take a Tums if you need to,” Leva says. “Just handle your s**t.”

Leva Bonaparte joined the ‘Southern Charm’ cast to spend more time with Cameran Eubanks

Leva says she agreed to join the cast so she could spend more time with Cameran. She says she was texting Cameran and Naomie Olindo and sharing her excitement about the opportunity to see her friends more often.

When she found out that Cameran and Naomi wouldn’t be returning, Leva admits it was a “sad story” for her. However, she says as long as they’re happy, she’s happy.

One person who will make appearances on Southern Charm this season is Leva’s two-year-old son. However, she says her husband Lamar is a “super private guy” who “doesn’t even like taking pictures.”

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Leva noted that Lamar is excited for her and “very supportive.” However, appearing in front of Bravo cameras is “far from his wheelhouse of comfort.”

“But he’s excited for me, and he knows that I was having a great time and that I enjoyed it,” Leva said. “It was sort of a no-brainer for me. it was like the universe was handing it to me, and I was like, ‘Okay. Time to put your big girl pants on and do this thing.’”

Leva Bonaparte reveals the two ‘Southern Charm’ cast members she had tough conversations with

Amid the civil unrest and the Black Lives Matter movement, the subject of race will be addressed this season on Southern Charm. Leva says she had to have difficult conversations with Austen Kroll and Kathryn Dennis, and she hopes they benefited from it.

“Austen, I think he just likes to butt his nose into things. What people don’t know is these boys are such little gossips. And I say ‘Shut the f**k up’ so many times because I just don’t have the bandwidth for bulls**t,” Leva says.

As for Kathryn spreading rumors about Cameran’s marriage, Leva says she’s not surprised by the “country club gossip.” She says that Kathryn likes to talk, and she doesn’t think she’s in “the best space of her life.”

“Maybe misery loves [company]. I think for Kathryn, she was so nonchalant about it. Because I think she’s dealt with so much of it, I don’t think she understood the level of damage that can cause somebody,” Leva explained. “Her and Thomas [Ravenel] have been wrung through the mud so much that talk like that just seems normal to her.”

Leva also called out Kathryn for her “hit or miss” fashion style during an interview with US Weekly. She noted that sometimes Kathryn’s clothes are “glorious,” but not always.

“She’s like a Sour Patch Kid,” Leva said. “She’s very authentic with her fashion, because you never know what you’re going to get. You’re in the nail salon and she’s in a dominatrix outfit and you’re like, ‘What’s happening?'”

New episodes of Southern Charm air Thursday nights on Bravo.