‘Southern Charm’ Season 7: Bravo Offers the Cast Massive Raises But Will Not Guarantee Season 8

Bravo has reportedly delayed production for season 7 of Southern Charm as producers hunt for some new talent. The decision to add some fresh faces to the cast will likely bump the premiere date by a few months. Despite the delay, the cast of Southern Charm has reportedly been offered massive raises – but the raises might put season 8 in jeopardy as producers demand the stars to deliver.

Bravo Southern Charm cast raises
The cast of Bravo’s ‘Southern Charm’ | Photo by Rebecca Miller/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

‘Southern Charm’ searches for new talent

Southern Charm producers have officially put filming on hold until they find a few fresh faces to add to the mix. Producers were reportedly unhappy with the level of drama the current cast was drumming up and felt like the series needed someone else to stir things up.

“The cast has been told that filming will start next year,” a source dished. “Which is almost six months later than they usually start.”

Season 7 will mark the second year without the show’s main source of drama, Thomas Ravenel, who left the series amid his sexual assault scandal.

According to The Hollywood Gossip, producers are looking for someone to fill Ravenel’s shoes and will bring the same sense of tension to the series. Before he left, Ravenel’s up and down romance with Ashley Jacobs created a lot of issues with the rest of the cast, especially his former girlfriend, Kathryn Dennis.

Jacobs enjoyed a brief cameo last season, but without Ravenel on the show, her storyline was not nearly as intriguing.

Thomas Ravenel addresses casting changes

Producers are so desperate to fill Ravenel’s shoes that they reportedly asked his cousin, Lee Ravenel, to join Southern Charm. His cousin apparently denied the invite, prompting Ravenel to share his thoughts on the casting on social media.

“I heard my first cousin, Lee Ravenel, turned down an invitation to be on Southern Charm. I knew he got all the looks in the family. Now I know he got all the brains too!” he wrote.

To make things even more complicated, Dennis and Ravenel recently ironed out a custody agreement for their two kids. So even her drama with Ravenel has mellowed out.

There is no telling who producers will cast to join season 7 of Southern Charm, but introducing some fresh faces to the mix is a good idea. After all, the series has had success with new cast members in the past.

Last season, for example, viewers were introduced to Austen Kroll’s girlfriend, Madison LeCroy, who proved to be a big hit with fans. Hopefully, producers can find someone quickly and get the show back on track.

The cast will not get paid until filming resumes

While fans wait to hear more casting news, an insider revealed that the cast members will not be getting paid until filming resumes. Luckily, most of the cast is well off and can easily survive a few months without getting paid.

Patricia Altschul, for example, is the richest cast member of Southern Charm and is worth somewhere near $20 million. There is a steep drop after Althschul, but none of the cast is hurting for money.

Shep Rose is the second wealthiest cast member at $4 million, and Dennis is the least wealthy with a net worth of around $1 million.

Although the cast will be fine without a paycheck, they are likely looking forward to the day when their new salaries kick in.

‘Southern Charm’ stars offered massive raises

Despite the lack of drama and the delay in filming, inside sources claim that Bravo has offered the cast of Southern Charm a massive pay raise for season 7. Some of the cast members are reportedly getting an $80,000 raise for next season.

This includes the likes of Dennis, Rose, Craig Conover, and Cameran Eubanks, all of whom were making around $400,000 a season before the raise. It is unclear if all the cast members are getting a bump in salary, especially with the series looking to add people to the group.

While the raise is nice, it comes with a price. The insider revealed that all of the stars of the show are expected to bring their best game to season 7, which could make or break the show.

“Season 7 is a do or die season for the show, they have to deliver,” the insider revealed. “Without Thomas, they need the drama to come back… They have to deliver.”

It is unclear when filming for season 7 will resume, though producers will likely move quickly in the casting process. Depending on how things go, it sounds like season 7 of Southern Charm could very well be its last.

Bravo has not commented on the rumors surrounding season 7 of Southern Charm.