‘Southern Charm’ Season 7: Who Is In And Who Is Out After A So-So Season 6?

Season 6 of Southern Charm is officially in the books, but it left fans rather disappointed. The show saw decline in ratings this season after the departure of scandalous bad-boy Thomas Ravenel, and a seventh season started to seem like it was far from being a sure thing. Will Southern Charm return next year? And, if so, will there be changes in the cast?

The cast of 'Southern Charm' Season 5
The cast of ‘Southern Charm’ Season 5 | Photo by: Rodolfo Martinez/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

BravoCon 2019 indicates there will be a Season 7

Even though there was a ratings decline during Season 6, Southern Charm is still popular with Bravo fans. And, the recently-released schedule for BravoCon 2019 indicates that the group of friends from Charleston, South Carolina aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

The entire cast is scheduled to appear at four different events during the three-day convention this November – including a bonus brunch – and that proves that Bravo still very much supports the show. It wouldn’t make any sense for the network to schedule so many events with the entire cast if they didn’t have plans to renew Southern Charm for Season 7.

The network hasn’t officially confirmed another season of Southern Charm, but fans shouldn’t worry. For the majority of the show’s history, Bravo confirmed a new season about two months before the premiere. This means that the network won’t make an announcement until late winter or early spring of 2020 unless there is some kind of radical change.

When will Season 7 premiere?

The Season 6 finale of Southern Charm aired in early August, and the two-part reunion special just ended. Now, fans want to know a timeline for Season 7, but Bravo is not giving away any details about what they have planned.

However, if the network sticks with their past schedule, Decider has broken down what the timeline for the next season of Southern Charm could look like. As a rule, the show premieres in the mid to late spring, as the last two seasons have started in April and May, respectively.

Since Season 6 just ended, and they haven’t even thought about filming for Season 7 yet, chances are the Charmers won’t bring more drama until late spring 2020. As for cast changes, Bravo won’t reveal who is in and who is out until they confirm that Season 7 is happening.

We are still months away from finding out details about Southern Charm Season 7. But, there is one thing that fans can be happy about – the chances of seeing Ashley Jacobs again are pretty much zero.

‘Southern Charm’ Season 6 reunion brought drama

While the majority of Season 6 was less than spectacular, things heated up a bit towards the end. And, the cast really brought the drama for the reunion special. During part one, Kathryn Dennis and Craig Conover both discussed their respective substance abuse issues, as Dennis admitted to drinking again and Conover revealed he struggled with Adderall abuse.

Southern Charm has documented Dennis’ problems with drugs and alcohol, as it has been a major issue in her fight with Ravenel over custody of their two children. Dennis even lost custody of her kids for a while after she tested positive for cannabis in 2016. She ended up going to rehab and has supposedly stayed sober ever since.

However, there are still doubts about her sobriety. And, during the Southern Charm reunion, Dennis said she wasn’t doing anything illegal, like smoking weed (cannabis is still illegal in South Carolina for both medical and recreational use), but she did admit that she drinks alcohol occasionally.

As for Conover, he admitted that he was addicted to Adderall, but claimed he hadn’t taken the medication in two months. Conover said that a doctor prescribed him the medication when he was in law school, but he continued to take it for years after he graduated.

If Southern Charm gets a Season 7, it will premiere in 2020.