‘Southern Charm’: Shep Rose’s Instagram Just Got Hacked

Out of all the men on Southern Charm, lately it seems as if Shep Rose is the most level-headed. It may surprise some fans to hear, but the party boy socialite seems to be the only man keeping his cool these days, between Craig Conover’s freakouts, Austen Kroll’s infidelity scandals, Whitney Sudler-Smith pretending Kathryn Dennis doesn’t exist, and of course, the disgraced Thomas Ravenel sets a pretty low bar. 

So it was a bit of a surprise for fans when Shep Rose took to Instagram to beg for cash. Sure, socialites and famous folks make mistakes, but this doesn’t scream Shep Rose. Lo and behold, the Southern Charm star had been hacked.

Begging for financial help

Shep Rose
Shep Rose | Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

In a bizarre turn of events this week, Southern Charm star Cameran Eubanks began receiving tons of DMs from fans of the show claiming to be concerned about Shep after his recent Instagram posts. 

It turns out Shep Rose, or someone in control of his account, had been posting bizarre story posts begging for cash after claiming to be stranded in California. The first post, typing errors included, read, “Guys my phone is at home , Please stop calling me.”

This was followed up with a cryptic, “Having a bad day ,bank account is on hold … No funds and I am stuck in California !” To many fans, this seemed suspicious. While the exact nature of his wealth is unknown, fans are generally aware that Rose is wealthy, and barring some extreme incident would likely have access to a credit card or some other form of finance. Add to that the obvious typing errors and fans weren’t sure if Rose was truly in trouble, or if something else was afoot. 

The next post read, “If anyone can lend me $500 I am willing to pay back $1500 Saturday… I am in California stuck my bank is on hold and I have no gas or anything… Anyone that can help please message me I have Cash app & Zelle….”

Finally, Rose’s account followed that up with the last post, which called out Southern Charm fans who weren’t willing to help. “Thought my fans would be supporters… See most are here to for the show not to help, That’s why I haven’t done much for the community. The ones who helped will always be rewarded! Free merch and $2000 Next friday.”

He’s been hacked

Shep Rose
Shep Rose | Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

Luckily, both Cameran Eubanks and Craig Conover were on hand to help Southern Charm fans, informing them that Rose’s account had been hacked. Craig Conover wrote on his Instagram story, “Please whatever you do do not send Shep any money. He clearly is not in control of his phone.”

Eubanks also added to her story, writing that, “his account was hacked, it wasn’t him.”

Additionally, Shep Rose posted a picture of him and his puppy, Little Craig, to Little Craig’s Instagram account, captioning it, “My Dad’s instagram got hacked last night. He’s trying to recover his hacked account as we speak. Been a frustrating 18 hours. Hope the account isn’t lost forever. And truly sorry if anyone’s as successful duped.”

What about Little Craig’s account?

Thankfully, Little Craig’s Instagram account seems to have skated by unhacked. The puppy’s bio reads, “My name is Craig. Lil’ Craig. Craig the Dog. Or C Note. I live in Charleston, SC. I love all people and other animals. It takes a Village.”

Meanwhile, Rose has put out an apology to Southern Charm fans, writing, “So my Instagram was hacked last night. It’s caused a lot of stress for me and those of you that were understandingly worried about me. As much as the experience sucked, in a strange way it’s been humbling and eye-opening to feel the love and concern from everyone. Thanks to those who reached out and sorry that this con man invaded our lives.”

At least there are plenty of Little Craig pics for fans in this trying time.