‘Southern Charm’ Star Austen Kroll Plans to Dish On Castmates Who Aren’t ‘Real’ On Camera

Southern Charm’s Austen Kroll had to deal with a pretty embarrassing debacle at Patricia Altschul’s cocktail party. During the Southern Charm Season 6 finale, Shep Rose and Craig Conover appeared at Patricia Altschul’s party with two guests that made Kroll incredibly uncomfortable, and Kroll’s friendship with Rose has been hurt as a result. 

Since then, Austen Kroll seems to have gotten somewhat irritated with the Southern Charm cast. Based on a few recent statements, it sounds as if Kroll might be ready to blow the lid on who’s faking it and who’s not.

Shep’s cocktail party gaffe

Shep Rose might have managed to kill off his friendship with Austen Kroll. Last year, Kroll starred in a compromising video that featured him trying to convince Madison LeCroy that he hadn’t just had a threesome with two random women. 

A woman on the scene took the video, in which fans can see Austen Kroll repeatedly telling Madison LeCroy that she’s crazy while she, reasonably enough, gets frustrated and angry with Kroll.

At one point, one of the women tells LeCroy that they didn’t sleep with Kroll, to which she fires back, “So then why are your panties lying by the bed?!”

During an ET interview, Kroll claims, “So, I guess what I can say is that was very early on [in our relationship]. [That was] Madison and I trying to figure out what we were. We both hadn’t done the, you know, ‘you’re my girlfriend, and you’re my boyfriend’ talk, right?”

Shep Rose and Craig Conover decided to show up to Patricia Altschul’s cocktail party with none other than the two women from the video. The smug glee on Rose’s face was apparent when he arrived at the party. 

It eventually became clear to Craig Conover that this had been a poor choice, and he extricates himself from the whole debacle, sitting on the stairs. When Rose stopped by, Conover told him, “I didn’t know this was all a ploy for your inferiority complex.”

Are they still friends?

Now, it seems as if Shep Rose might have torpedoed his entire friendship with Austen Kroll. Rose’s Southern Charm castmate told him, “This friendship is in total ruins. Don’t let the door hit you, pal.”

Kroll also told Rose, “This is a blatant, white-glove off, slap in my face to try and get a rise out of me. How petty! And I never thought I would use that word to describe you, ever. How f****** truly petty you are right now.”

So far, it seems as if the two might truly have cooled off on one another as friends since the cocktail party. 

Ready to dish 

Now, Austen Kroll says he’s frustrated with how fake some of his castmates are on the show, and he wants to blow the whole thing wide open. 

Kroll told The Daily Dish, “I just think that lots of people have lots of things to say, including myself. Every year on the reunion, the question gets asked, what are you most nervous about? And I’m like, I’m nervous to get called on my s***. Well, what are you most excited about? I’m nervous to call people on their s***.”

It sounds as if Kroll is eager to call out Rose for his behavior. Kroll went on to add, “I’ve been through a lot this season and it only gets worse. Not everyone can say that and that’s OK. I mean, if your life is great and you’re not going through some s***, then that’s great. I’m envious of you. But if you are going through some s*** and it’s not on camera and you’re on this show, that just disappoints me.”

It sounds as if someone might not have been totally transparent on the show — and we’re curious to find out who.