‘Southern Charm’ Star Craig Conover Dishes On Future With Naomie Olindo

It’s been over a year since Southern Charm stars Craig Conover and Naomie Olindo broke up, and it seems as if it’s been a challenging process for Conover. During Cameran Eubanks’ birthday party, Craig Conover revealed that he still had feelings for Olindo. 

“I love her and hate her at the same time. We thought we were going to get married. Of course, I loved her,” Conover told Eubanks when she asked if he still had feelings for her. 

After drinking his fair share of booze, Conover also said, “We can’t be around each other because we never f***ing closed anything,” said Conover. “That’s why we can’t be a foot away from each other without her f***ing darting out the door. It’s easier for her to act like it never happened.”

Now, fans are wondering what their status if — if they’ve managed to become friends, or if Craig Conover is still hoping for a different future with his ex-girlfriend. 

The initial breakup

Southern Charm’s Craig Conover has received some mockery in the past for his interest in sewing — folks with a more outdated perspective don’t see it as a “masculine” activity. They’re probably just jealous of Conover’s throws. Regardless, some fans speculated that perhaps this had something to do with Conover and Naomie Olindo’s breakup. 

Olindo cleared the air, however. “People think, ‘Oh, why can’t you support his sewing?’ It had nothing to do with me not wanting a boyfriend who sews. I don’t care at all about that. Hobbies are important, and I thought it was great,” Naomie told the Daily Dish.

Olindo revealed that while it had nothing to do with Conover’s sewing, it had everything to do with his procrastination. “The reason I had a problem with it was Craig is a procrastinator, and he was using sewing as a way to procrastinate doing things that he actually needed to do, you know, important things. … Instead of doing something that he had a deadline on or whatever, he’d just sit and sew all night, not the actual fact that he sewed,” said Olindo. 

Since then, it’s been a rocky road for Conover, who seemed unable to get over Olindo throughout Season 6. However, that could be changing.

Working together again 

During a recent interview on the Domenick Nati Show, Conover revealed that he and Olindo effectively joined forces for the Southern Charm reunion episode. 

“So her and I, you know, were kind of kept away from each other for a while, but on the reunion we were actually able to team up. It was the first time we were both really supportive of each other, and she kind of apologized for a lot of things, I apologized for a lot of things.”

“I think everyone, you know, was expecting me to, you know, throw her boyfriend under the bus or kind of go after her but instead it was just really kind and we actually sat at the bar with each other for like an hour after the reunion and kind of just talked like old friends,” added Conover. 

From the sound of it, Conover might have been able to come to terms with the fact that Olindo has moved on, and has made peace with that fact. If so, that’s a seriously healthy step for Conover, and it’s good to see him not lashing out, and instead embracing the prospect of friendship. 

Does Craig Conover see a future with Naomie Olindo?

When asked if he’d get back together with Naomie Olindo, should the stars align, Conover had an answer that might surprise some Southern Charm fans. 

“You know we’re friends now, but I think we’re both different people and I think, you know, TV can change people’s directions and you know, I think that ship sailed,” said Conover. 

For fans of Craig Conover and Naomie Olindo both, this is good news — a Craig Conover moving on from his hangups is a healthy Craig Conover.