‘Southern Charm’ Star Kathryn Dennis Claims Thomas Ravenel Could Use Reunion Episode Drama In Court

Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis is always on the watch for things that could come back to bite her in court. And who can blame her — the Charleston socialite has been dueling former Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel in court since they split in 2016

Now, Dennis is concerned that any of the drama brought up around her and her behavior by her castmates could be used by Thomas Ravenel in court. Meanwhile, her castmates feel as if this is her excuse all of the time — and they don’t seem happy about it. 

Kathryn Dennis doesn’t reply, disappears 

According to her Southern Charm castmates, Kathryn Dennis has a bad habit of dropping off the grid when her friends want to chat. Dennis was confronted about this problem by castmate and friend Danni Baird. 

Baird said, “Kathryn gets a lot of passes. It can be perceived as being a little obnoxious or irresponsible.”

According to Dennis, she’s hard to reach because she’s put her phone away. “I’m used to my phone ringing and it being Thomas or my lawyer or getting news about something else that’s not good,” she explained. 

“But you cannot alienate other people in your life who do not have ill intentions for you because you’re going through that,” shot back Cameran Eubanks. 

Dennis replied, “The focus is on my kids,” she said. “I can’t be a great friend to anyone [right now].”

This isn’t the first time Dennis’ disappearances have been brought up. When she started dating Joe Abruzzo during previous episodes of Season 6, her friends expressed concern over a relapse in her behavior. 

At the time, Naomie Olindo said, “It’s just not normal behavior and she gets a pass every time. At what point is it, you just don’t give a s*** about your friends sometimes? There is a line between that, friendship is a two-way street.”

Concerned about usage in court 

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According to Kathryn Dennis, she can’t discuss these sorts of topics in-depth because she’s afraid Thomas Ravenel will take the footage to court. During the call-out on the reunion episode, Dennis said, “Thomas is going to bring this up in court just so everyone knows.”

The Southern Charm star’s castmates weren’t having it, however. Naomie Olindo pointed out, “That’s why no one can ever say anything because we don’t want to get in the way of your custody and all that.”

Baird said, “I can depend on Kathryn, but not all the time.”

It’s clear that the Southern Charm cast is sick of having to scramble to get in touch with Kathryn Dennis, and it seems as if her excuses might have worn out their welcome. 

Whitney Sudler-Smith faced the same problem

According to Southern Charm grande dame Patricia Altschul, Whitney Sudler-Smith came fae-to-face with Kathryn Dennis’ courtroom worries as well — and seemed to agree with her concerns. 

Kathryn Dennis was irritated with Sudler-Smith for denying their hookup previously. Reality TV Bliss disagreed on Twitter, however, writing, “Kathryn was wrong bringing this up on camera with Whitney. Thomas has been dragging cast in court for anything said. Pat was recently deposed and spent hours being asked questions.” 

Patricia Altschul replied to the tweet with, “Whitney kept thinking the subject was closed but he should have spelled it out more to Kathryn. I was being sued by Thomas as was Haymaker and Bravo. Being a producer of the show, he wanted to avoid hours of depositions and lawyers since he was filming another project in London.”