‘Southern Charm’ Star Kathryn Dennis Gets Drawn Into More Drama by Ashley Jacobs’ Roommate

Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis can’t ever seem to disentangle herself from drama. The Charleston-based mother of two recently won joint custody of her children in an ongoing dispute with former Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel, but that’s just about the only good news she’s had recently. 

Ravenel recently dodged any serious sentencing during his assault and battery hearing, she had two recent car accidents, and now she’s being attacked by Ashley Jacobs’ roommate. The same roommate that called the cops on Jacobs in the past. 

The ongoing feud with Ashley Jacobs 

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Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis’ feud with Ashley Jacobs kicked into high gear when Jacobs attacked Dennis’ integrity as a mother. Jacobs began dating Thomas Ravenel, and eventually publicly attacked Dennis, calling her a mere “egg donor,” as opposed to a real mother. 

Southern Charm fans were shocked by the comment, and the two continued to feud. On Season 6, Jacobs made several appearances on the show, occasionally trying to bridge the gap between her and Dennis. 

During a fox hunt at Eliza Limehouse’s estate, Jacobs pulled Dennis aside for a conversation. “Thank you so much for just being, even approachable. I should have reached out to you a long time ago and I just want to say that what I said to you was none of my f****** business. Who am I to tell somebody how they should raise their kids, what kind of mother they are?” said the Southern Charm star.

“Listen, we will probably never speak again after this,” continued Jacobs. “I just, I owe you an apology. It was never my place to say or do what I did. I mean, I’m not asking for forgiveness, I just want some sort of peace.”

Ashey Jacobs’ roommate called the cops

Kathryn Dennis wasn’t the only woman Ashley Jacobs butt heads with, however. At one point, Ashley Jacobs was essentially homeless in Charleston. She wound up finding a room with another woman — this same woman ended up calling the cops on Jacobs after kicking her out. 

On February 4, 2019, Jacobs arrived at the apartment to pick up some remaining items after being kicked out. According to her roommate, Jacobs became irate and abusive. Jacobs yelled at the roommate’s father, who reportedly had Alzheimer’s, while also claiming that the roommate abused drugs and participated in self-harming behavior. 

Police wound up serving Ashley Jacobs a trespass notice, which essentially blocks her from approaching or being on the roommate’s property. It acts as a promise “that she would not return to the residence anymore.”

Jacobs’ roommate makes a new claim

With that resolved, you think this roommate would be out of the picture. However, it seems drama never dies in Charleston. The roommate, Lara Dawson, is back in the picture. And this time, she’s after Kathryn Dennis. 

According to an exclusive source over at Tamara Tattles, Dawson called the cops recently and claimed that Kathryn Dennis was hiding in her closet. Talk about an outlandish claim. Two days later, Dawson called the cops again, claiming that Dennis was stalking her alongside an unknown black man. 

The cops arrived, called Dennis, and confirmed that she had not been on or near the property. Dawson was then charged with filing a felony police report, and was eventually held on a psychiatric hold. Someone just buy Kathryn Dennis a cup of coffee or something, she needs it.