‘Southern Charm’ Star Kathryn Dennis Ticketed After Second Car Wreck in One Month

Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis has been ticketed after her second car crash this month. The reality star and mother of two has been battling her ex-boyfriend Thomas Ravenel in court since 2016 over custody of her children. 

The court battle has seen Thomas Ravenel frequently questioning Dennis’ sobriety. Dennis claims she has refrained from drug use since her rehabilitation stint in 2016. She has admitted to drinking again recently, within limits, she says. However, it may be likely these two car crashes will be more ammo for Ravenel in the courtroom. 

Kathryn Dennis’ first crash this month 

Kathryn Dennis had a difficult August, to say the least. The Southern Charm star’s mother passed away on August 7. Dennis said of her mother, “My mom’s my best friend. She stuck by me through so much. I don’t know what I would do without her.”

Dennis also told People, “She was sick for a year and a half and I was taking care of her. She’s since been living with me, essentially. It’s great to have her around, especially because she’s so good with the kids [Kathryn’s son St. Julien, 3, and daughter Kensie, 5]. She’s amazing. She’s the best mom I could ever hope for with everything.”

Unfortunately, Dennis’ bad month continued. Not long after, Dennis crashed her car with her children inside. ABC 4 News reported, “Kathryn Dennis was traveling north on Highway 17 when she said she became distracted by her children in the back seat. Her vehicle then struck a guardrail before hitting three trees and two light poles and coming to a rest on the southbound side of the roadway.”

Denni was not issued any citations for the crash — she and her children were wearing proper seatbelts and in proper car seats, and Dennis was sober on the scene. 

Kathryn Dennis’ second crash 

The Southern Charm star was involved in another car wreck this month, this time on Wednesday, August 28. Dennis was ticketed for being at fault in what turned into a mutli-car crash. 

Dennis, who was going 18 miles per hour at the time of the incident, was cited for following the car in front of her too closely. Apparently the cars in front of her stopped for traffic, and Dennis rear-ended the car immediately in front of her own. The car was then pushed into a second vehicle, which was pushed into a third in turn, which hit a fourth.

Air bags deployed in Dennis’ vehicle as well as the one she hit. However, nobody was injured in the crash. Dennis reportedly had two juveniles with her in the car — assumedly Kensie and Saint. 

ABC 4 News reported that neither alcohol nor drugs involved in this incident.  

Thomas Ravenel might use the crashes

Despite the fact that Dennis was sober during both of the incidents above, it would not be a surprise if Thomas Ravenel decided to dredge up the car accidents in court. Ravenel is infamous for throwing just about anything he can get his hands on into the courtroom when it comes to Dennis. 

So far, Ravenel has questioned Dennis’ sobriety during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live, a concern her castmates have echoed. He’s also dragged her nudes into court, subpoenaed Patricia Altschul, and made claims that she’s failed sobriety tests she passed. 

During the Southern Charm reunion episode, Dennis told her castmates, “Thomas is going to bring this up in court just so everyone knows.” They were discussing her sobriety and their own concerns about it at the time.