‘Southern Charm’ Star Kathryn Dennis Wants Ashley Jacobs Banned From Seeing Her Children

Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis continues to battle her ex, Thomas Ravenel, in court over the custody of their two children, and the former couple is dragging everyone into their fight – including his on-again, off-again girlfriend, Ashley Jacobs. In her latest court filing, Dennis is calling out Jacobs and asking the judge to keep the California nurse away from her children.

'Southern Charm' star Kathryn Dennis
Kathryn Dennis | Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Dennis requested an immediate court hearing

The Southern Charm star reignited her custody battle with Ravenel last fall after police arrested him on assault charges stemming from the accusations made by two women. Ravenel and Dennis currently share custody of Kensie and Saint, but Dennis wants full custody, while Ravenel wants to keep their current agreement in place.

Over the past few months, both Ravenel and Dennis have filed multiple court documents filled with nasty accusations against each other. And, in Dennis’ latest court filing, she requested an immediate court hearing so she could get primary custody of the kids right away.

Dennis wants to limit Ravenel’s time with the children to scheduled visitation, and she is also requesting that Ravenel restrains from “exposing the minor children to Ashley Jacobs in any manner whatsoever.” Dennis is also asking the judge to prohibit Jacobs from posting pics of her children online.

In response to Dennis’ latest court filing, Jacobs told The Blast, “The fact my name was included in Kathryn’s filing is hysterical, and she is only trying to stir things up with the show premiere only weeks away … Why are you dragging me into the middle of this, Kathryn?”

Jacobs added that she hasn’t been in South Carolina since February.

The judge has not yet set a court date.

Dennis and Ravenel have been fighting over custody for years

The parents of Kensie, 5, and Saint, 3, have been fighting over custody since they split in 2015. The original agreement had Dennis and Ravenel sharing custody of the kids, but after she failed a drug test in 2016, Dennis lost custody and Ravenel got the children full time.

After successfully completing treatment and staying clean, Dennis convinced the court to go back to the original agreement, and she and Ravenel once again had joint custody of the children.

That all changed in October 2018, when Dennis decided she wanted full custody amid Ravenel’s legal drama. Ravenel has accused Southern Charm producers of “encouraging” Dennis to file for primary custody so it can be a storyline on the Bravo reality show.

Ravenel has attempted to block Bravo from airing footage on Southern Charm of Dennis and the kids talking about the custody case. He has also requested a gag order because he wants the proceedings to stay private, and he doesn’t want Dennis talking about it on social media because he doesn’t want his ex damaging his reputation.

Ravenel and Jacobs reunited on New Year’s Eve

When Ravenel started dating Jacobs in May 2017, the relationship slowly started to affect Ravenel’s ability to co-parent with Dennis. Jacobs left her life behind in California and moved across the country to be with Ravenel – and to land a feature role on Southern Charm.

During Season 5, Dennis and Jacobs were constantly at odds and had their share of explosive fights, and Jacobs eventually became the show’s villain because of all the drama she caused.

However, when Ravenel was arrested for assault charges, Bravo fired the former South Carolina state treasurer, and around the same time, he and Jacobs called it quits. But, they continued to be spotted together, and every once in a while they would pop up on each other’s social media, sparking rumors that they were getting back together.

Ravenel and Jacobs even spent New Year’s Eve together, but an insider says that the two are just friends. While Ravenel wants to get back together with Jacobs, the source says that she wants to date someone closer to her own age. Jacobs is 34 and Ravenel is 56.

“If Thomas had his way, they would be back together, but Ashley is at the point where she wants to be married, wants to have children and wants someone in a situation where it’s their ‘first’ too,” an insider told Us Weekly. “She won’t go back to Thomas and won’t be with Thomas in a romantic way again.”

The source explained that as long as they have mutual friends, Ravenel and Jacobs will be in each other’s lives. But, if Dennis has her way, the time Ravenel and Jacobs spends together won’t include Kensie and Saint.