‘Southern Charm’ Star Madison LeCroy Says She Regrets Apologizing to Shep Rose

When it comes to making apologies and letting things slide, it seems as if Madison LeCroy and Shep Rose aren’t the most talented. The two Southern Charm stars have been at each others’ throats for a long time. 

Rose seems to be motivated by not wanting his friend Austen Kroll to date LeCroy — he doesn’t support their relationship. However, Rose recently stepped over a line when he brought two particular women to one of Patricia Altschul’s cocktail parties. And now, LeCroy says she regrets apologizing to him. 

Shep Rose’s cocktail party scheme

Shep Rose
Shep Rose | Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Austen Kroll was previously caught on camera in a very compromising position. Two women spent the night at his house a year ago, and his then-girlfriend Madison LeCroy showed up — finding Kroll in his underwear with the two women.

One of the women recorded the encounter, and it was less than flattering. Kroll denied everything while calling LeCroy crazy. Apparently, Shep Rose found the whole video amusing. The Southern Charm star decided to call up the two women from the video, and invited them to Patricia Altschul’s cocktail party. 

Rose and Conover showed up with the women in question. Kroll was notably stressed and embarrassed, and told Rose, “This friendship is in total ruins. Don’t let the door hit you, pal.”

During the night, LeCroy and Rose got together to have an apology away from the rest of the party. 

LeCroy regrets apologizing to Rose 

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Madison LeCroy decided to try and apologize to Shep Rose after the STD comments in Colorado. In an admittedly gracious move — considering who Rose brought to the party — LeCroy made her apology. 

However, Rose claims she wouldn’t let it end there. According to Rose, LeCroy added more after the apology “And Madison’s in front of me and she said some sh*t under her breath like, ‘F**k you.’ And I go, ‘What did you just say?’ I go, ‘You can’t f**king leave well enough alone.’ I go, ‘You are unable to be a classy person. It’s impossible for you,’” said Rose. 

“She proved what I called her [white trash] the whole time. And that just goes to tell you always trust your instinct, especially about first impressions,” he added.

During the Southern Charm After Show, LeCroy says, “At Patricia’s, we walked away and I said, ‘Well that was bulls***.’ … I didn’t say f*** you. I probably should have. But I didn’t.”

“He’s just like, chasing his own tail here,” she added. “We can’t resolve anything. I regret apologizing to him. I do, yeah. How do I feel about Shep now? You know, even though he’s a total d***, I actually think he’s funny.” 

Rose says LeCroy has to be right

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According to Shep Rose, when it comes to Madison LeCroy it’s all about being right. Rose claims that LeCroy would do just about anything to ensure she’s right in the end, or comes out on top of an argument. 

During the Southern Charm After Show, Rose said, “There always has to be an enemy with her.”

He added, “She said some really harmful things, and said that Austen told her them. Again, she’d rather burn the city than bow out.”