‘Southern Charm’ Star Patricia Altschul Calls Ashley Jacobs a ‘Moron’ and ‘Insane’

Ashley Jacobs and Patricia Altschul have been at odds for some time now on Southern Charm. Things came to a head when, during a recent episode, Ashley Jacobs had to be escorted out of Patricia Altschul’s cocktail party. 

Since then, Patricia Altschul has made her feelings about Jacobs’ appearance at the party clear. Meanwhile, Jacobs has claimed that Patricia is hiding something — that she’s the actual mastermind behind Jacobs’ own actions against Kathryn Dennis. 

Patricia Altschul explains her dislike of Jacobs 

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According to the grande dame of Southern Charm, Ashley Jacobs is a cyberbully. Patricia Altschul claims that Jacobs harassed one of her friends, alongside Thomas Ravenel. Many believe the friend in question to be Luzanne Otte — a woman Altschul had previously set up with Ravenel, around the same time he was seeing Jacobs early on. 

After being asked why she felt so negatively about Ravenel and Jacobs, Altschul took to Twitter to answer the question. She wrote, “Why people ask? Because of his and Ashley’s smear campaign, character assassination, lies and purposeful defamation.”

“And let’s add to that list an innocent friend of mine who was viciously cyberbullied by Ashley because of her obsessiveness and insecurity,” tweeted Altschul.

While Altschul claims that Jacobs has spent plenty of energy harassing her friends online, Jacobs herself has a very different perspective on the situation, with a different story to tell. 

Ashley Jacobs says Altschul is pulling the strings 

In various interactions, Ashley Jacobs has made it clear that she believes Patricia Altschul is the real mastermind behind much of the Southern Charm drama on Season 5 and Season 6. While attending a skeet shooting outing, Jacobs had a conversation with Cameran Eubanks, revealing her opinions on Altschul’s behavior. 

“I took the bait. I was a pawn in this whole thing. Everyone says it’s Thomas, it’s Thomas. You want to know who is the one talking s*** about Kathryn constantly? Patricia,” Jacobs explained to Eubanks

“She got me worked up. And she’d be like, ‘Don’t tell anyone I told you.’ I believed Patricia. I mean, I respect her, she can’t be lying to me. The reason Kathryn’s my enemy is because Patricia made her my enemy. She wanted to destroy her. The best way she could think of to do that was befriending me,” added Jacobs. 

Jacobs had a similar conversation with Naomie Olindo. She told Olindo, “There were some people who put things in my head about Kathryn. They were my actions, and I own them. But, when I realized, I wish I could go back in time and fix it with Kathryn, it’s too late. But I’m actually on Kathryn’s side!”

Altschul calls Jacobs a ‘moron’

Patricia Altschul, however, isn’t having any of it. The Southern Charm grande dame feels as if Jacobs has cemented herself as a drama-hunting “moron.” 

During a recent episode of the Southern Charm After Show, Patricia Altschul said, “It was the end of the evening. I was getting ready to go. And Ashley came up the back stairs, and she came over and called my name.”

“I thought, ‘Oh my god, what is she doing here? She wasn’t invited. The nerve.’ Mr. Kale walked past me and said, ‘Is this the one?’ And I said, ‘Yup.’ And he escorted her out.” Mr. Kale was the bodyguard Patricia Altschul hired — seemingly for this moment specifically. It seems unlikely that Altschul was truly surprised by Jacobs’ appearance. 

As Mr. Kale began to escort Jacobs out, Jacobs told Altschul, “I know what you did. And the truth will come out.”

Altschul went on to add, “I mean, how did I manipulate her? I’ve made her create all of those insults? She’s insane. She’s a moron and she’s insane.”