‘Southern Charm’ Star Shep Rose Dishes On Why He and Craig Conover Get Into Fights

Any fan of Southern Charm knows about the Craig Conover and Shep Rose bromance. The two do almost everything together — they’re each other’s wingmen, drinking buddies, shoulders to cry on, you name it. But at the same time, it can seem as if the two are occasionally frenemies. We’ve seen Conover and Rose butt heads countless times during their appearances on Southern Charm. So what’s up with that? Why are the two besties somehow also always at each others’ throats? 

Craig and Shep butt heads during dinner

During Season 6, we’ve seen the legendary bromance go through some major ups and downs — mostly some major downs. When the guys took a camping trip to help Austen Kroll get over his recent breakup, things got hairy. For entertainment, Shep Rose and Whitney Sudler-Smith organized “the roast of Craig Conover.” It did not go over well. 

To add to that, it seems as if the crew has been gossiping behind each other’s backs. On a recent episode, the four went out for dinner together. At one point, Austen Kroll and Craig Conover stepped out for a breath of fresh air and decided to tear into their castmates. 

“He’s mean,” Craig said of Rose. “They put other people down to make themselves feel better and that’s sad.” 

Back inside the restaurant, Rose tells Sudler-Smith that Conover has no class and an unfounded sense of entitlement. That being said, he goes on to add that it’s impossible for him to stay mad at Conover. It seems as though the two tend to be able to patch things up after a fight.

But Shep named a puppy after him

It’s easy to see how close the pair’s relationship is — look no further than Shep Rose’s new Southern Charm mascot, Little Craig. Rose picked up a French bulldog puppy and decided to name him after Craig Conover. Rose told Decider the name is, “An homage and sort of a jab at [human] Craig, because I already own one Craig, and so now I can own two.”

Rose joked that, “It seems like Craig the puppy might just be like Craig the human. Craig sleeps a lot, he gets excited easily.” After making a few expensive purchases for his new pup, he adds, “Now to Craigs cost me money.”

During a Southern Charm After Show interview, we’re treated to footage of Rose trying to stop Little Craig from ransacking his house, while shouting, “Goddammit Craig!” Rose says, “It just felt natural for me to yell the word Craig across my house or lawn.”

So why are the two always fighting?

Shep Rose cleared the air about his bickering with Craig Conover. He says his Southern Charm castmates might be a little foolish sometimes, but he loves them nonetheless.
“Craig and Austen are a couple of ninnies. Come on. They are. They’re both sensitive people. I hate sensitive people, but I love them,” explained Shep to Decider. “I’m not out to hurt anybody, but if you’re really offended then you need to think about that again.”

Rose went on to explain that when it comes to him and Conover, it’s all about staying real. When Conover loses his way, Rose calls him out, and that’s when things get rough.

“A happy Craig is a good Craig. I like when Craig and I are getting along. The only time when we don’t is when he tries to be someone he’s not,” Shep told Decider. “Maybe I’m a little too veracious with calling him out. Sometimes he can be angry and combative and I’m like, that’s not you, you’re a really sweet guy. But we all can be different and not the best versions of ourselves, that’s for sure.”