‘Southern Charm’ Stars Shep Rose And Craig Conover Raise Money for Hurricane Relief

Just in case anyone wasn’t entirely sure after the Southern Charm reunion episodes, it seems like Shep Rose really does have a heart after all. Rose and Craig Conover have both been working hard to help raise money for Hurricane Dorian relief as the storm continues to wreak havoc. 

While Rose and Craig might have put themselves in the dog house with their escapades at Patricia Altschul’s cocktail party on Season 6, it’s clear that they care about others. What are the two Southern Charm socialites doing to help those in need?

Conover and Rose play a prank

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The two Southern Charm stars made a serious social faux-pas at Patricia Altschul’s cocktail party at the end of Season 6. Rose, who has never been a fan of Austen Kroll’s girlfriend, decided to invite two special women to the party. 

Last year, Austen Kroll was caught on camera with two women in his apartment when his then-girlfriend Madison LeCroy showed up. Rose is not a fan of LeCroy or her relationship with Kroll, and decided that bringing along the women in question would be a humorous jab at LeCroy and Kroll’s relationship. 

Naturally, Kroll was mortified when Rose and Conover showed up with the women on their arms. Things didn’t go well, with Kroll telling Rose, “This friendship is in total ruins. Don’t let the door hit you, pal.”

It seems Conover didn’t realize how bad an idea it was. When he saw how upset Kroll was, he detached himself from the situation and retreated to sit on the stairs. When Rose stopped by, Conover told him, “I didn’t know this was all a ploy for your inferiority complex.”

While the two certainly didn’t look good that night, their recent actions are proof enough that regardless of their mean joke, they have hearts.

Sewing Down South to the rescue

Craig Conover is famous among Southern Charm fans for his exquisitely crafted pillows and his passion for sewing. The young craftsman has worked hard over the course of recent seasons to begin his pillow creation business, even working with grande dame Patricia Altschul on some collaborative design projects. 

After some challenging ups and downs following his breakup with Naomie Olindo, Craig Conover retreated to the Bahamas to recoup and rediscover himself. Now, with Hurricane Dorian wreaking havoc in the Bahamas, Conover is looking to give back. 

Conover decided to give all proceeds from his Spiny Lobster pillow sales — inspired by the Bahamas — to relief and rescue operations in Abaco. Conover’s pillows sold out in a single day, and the Southern Charm star was able to raise over $5,000 dollars. 

Conover told Home & Design, “I wanted to try and organize something to help or lend support and thought why not donate all of the sales from a pillow that was completely inspired by my time there.” What a mensch. 

Rose gets charitable too

Craig Conover wasn’t the only Southern Charm star feeling a little charitable. Rose stepped up to the plate as well, offering all of the proceeds from a new Shep Gear hat to relief and rescue operations in Abaco. 

Rose wrote on Instagram, “I’ve been lucky enough to have spent some time in the Bahamas over the years and absolutely loved everything about my time there. Then @caconover lived in Marsh Harbour for a while and I got to meet some very wonderful and hospitable people in the Abacos. The last couple days have been hard to watch and follow, we’re trying to devise the best plan to raise relief funds. So here’s the first attempt. Please scroll to see the 2 different styles of hats that we are making. 100% going to the efforts to rebuild and support fire and rescue in the Bahamas.”

Kudos to both of these Southern Charm stars for using their fame and social media presence to help those in need.