‘Southern Charm’: The Cast Predicts Where Each Other Will Be in Five Years

Southern Charm Season 6 is over, which means all the drama of the season has come to a head during the reunion episodes. Luckily, Season 7 is on the way, but that doesn’t stop us from wondering what the future holds for our favorite Charleston socialites. 

And it seems Andy Cohen was curious too. He sat down most of the cast before the reunion episodes, and asked them where they think they’ll see their peers in five years — each person had to discuss what they thought the cast member to their left might be up to.

Where are the boys going to be?

The boys of Southern Charm haven’t exactly looked honorable or respectable in some of their actions this season, but the women who guessed their futures were surprisingly generous.

Chelsea Meissner said of Austen Kroll, “I see Austen opening up his own bar to serve his beer, and Trop Hop going worldwide.” For those interested, Trop Hop is currently only available in specific Charleston bars, but Kroll says to keep an eye on their website as things develop.

“I do not know, what was your prediction?” Married, remember Season 1?” Kathryn Dennis asked Cameran Eubanks of Shep Rose. “I said he’d be married by 35,” replied Eubanks, while Rose laughed. “He’s pushing 40 in the friend zone right now,” added Andy Cohen. 

When it comes to Craig Conover, Eubanks has high hopes. “Craig is gonna have like, the pillow empire of the southeast. And I think he might be actually working as an attorney in five years.”

What about the ladies?

When it comes to the women of Southern Charm, it seemed there were mostly good things to be said. While Austen Kroll seemed to trip over himself a bit when asked to guess where Kathryn Dennis would be, he did his best to recover.

Naomie Olindo told Andy Cohen that she sees Chelsea Meissner running a business. “I see her running her own business, and either married or engaged to Nick.”

Austen Kroll said to Kathryn, “I just don’t know the current state that you are with Hunter — are y’all together right now? You guys seem to love each other a lot, so I think that could turn into an engagement, and he seems to be great with the kids. Just, you know, happiness hopefully.”

Rose got Cameran Eubanks, and he said, “I mean, hopefully Cam moves to the islands. I’m trying to get her to move, so she’ll maybe be my neighbor. … She’s made a lot of commissions of me!” 

Conover had to detail where he saw Naomie Olindo in five years, and he was surprisingly positive. “Probably doing her thing with the store, and engaged, and I don’t know, I think she’s a Charleston person,” he said. Olindo seemed happy with his assessment — the two look to have moved on into a comfortable friendship.

Update: Kathryn Dennis and Hunter Price Split

Unfortunately, it seems as if Austen Kroll’s prediction for Kathryn Dennis was off the mark. Hunter Price and the Southern Charm star have ended their relationship. Fans were curious when Dennis posted a new Instagram photo of herself with an impressive new piece of jewelry

However, a source recently told People, “Kathryn is not engaged to anyone but herself. Their relationship ran its course. Kathryn is doing well, and staying focused on the kids.”

While Kroll’s prediction fell short, here’s hoping Dennis finds happiness in the future regardless.