‘Southern Charm’: Thomas Ravenel’s Spending Habits Revealed in Court

Former Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel is infamous among fans of the show. The disgraced politician has been stirring up drama since he and Kathryn Dennis split in 2016. The couple have been waging a bitter custody battle over their two children, Kensie and Saint, and it’s been getting especially nasty.

Ever since being booted from Southern Charm by Bravo, Ravenel has been accusing the network as well as Kathryn Dennis of conspiring against him. He’s been releasing Dennis’ nudes in court, accusing her of failing a recent drug test, and has even subpoenaed Patricia Altschul. Now, Ravenel is seeking sole custody, and in so doing, revealed his spending habits to the courtroom.  

A drain on Kathryn Dennis’ finances

Kathryn Dennis, Thomas Ravenel
Kathryn Dennis, Thomas Ravenel | Paul Cheney/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis has been dealing with the mental and emotional toll the ongoing custody battle has been taking on her, having breakdowns both on- and off-camera during Season 6. Now, it’s been revealed that it’s also taking a toll on her finances. 

In an interview with People, Kathryn Dennis said, “Currently, I’m renting because the custody thing, I don’t want to spend a large amount of money on anything yet. I’m now meeting with an accountant, I’m working towards building my credit.”

“The custody case is costing me a lot financially, so I’m having to adult officially in every way,” explained Dennis. Dennis was forced to move out of her $6,600 rental in Charleston, downsizing to a more modest home. Dennis has expressed the desire to eventually build a home for her and her children in Charleston, someplace where they can begin putting down roots in earnest. However, the financial cost of the ongoing court battle has made this challenging. 

Putting the plantation up for sale

Thomas Ravenel
Thomas Ravenel | Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Kathryn Dennis isn’t the only one whose finances have been affected — Thomas Ravenel himself seems to be dealing with the backlash as well. The former Southern Charm star put his Charleston plantation on the market for a whopping $3,950,000.Ravenel bought the home in 2006 and has been living there for 13 years. 

Ravenel’s historic estate lies on Edisto Island and covers 60 acres of land. The main estate totals roughly 4,284 square feet, and includes four bedrooms, four-and-a-half bathrooms, a private two bedroom apartment, a two-story horse barn, and an eight-acre polo field. 

It’s obvious that at one point, Ravenel made plenty of money. But now that he’s putting the plantation on the market, some Southern Charm fans are wondering if Ravenel might be encountering financial problems as he continues to push the custody battle forward. 

What do Ravenel’s monthly finances look like?

Thomas Ravenel
Thomas Ravenel | Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

The former Southern Charm star submitted financial documents to support his push for sole custody of his children. This comes on the heels of Ravenel’s accusation that Kathryn Dennis recently failed a drug test — an allegation Dennis pushed back on, saying she received negative test results on her hair and second urine sample. 

According to documents obtained by The Blast, Thomas Ravenel is claiming a gross monthly income of $153,255. After monthly deductions, Ravenel still has $91,615 of wiggle room. Ravenel also claims to hold stocks with a value of up to $1.2 million. 

Ravenel’s monthly expenses allegedly break down as follows — Ravenel spends $5,775 on rent, $3,500 on food and household supplies, $2,080 for daycare each month, $1,500 monthly for clothing, and $300 on clothes for the children. The kids’ health insurance totals $2,470 per month, and Ravenel spends an additional $4,150 on them per month in incidental expenses, as well as an additional $7,500 per month on himself for entertainment, including eating out, traveling, and polo.