‘Southern Charm’: What’s the Biggest Change Patricia Altschul Has Seen in Whitney Sudler-Smith?

Patricia Altschul from Southern Charm has always been incredibly close with her producer son, Whitney Sudler-Smith.

Not only did Sudler-Smith create the soapy franchise, but he also appears in a number of the Charleston-based episodes delivering his own prolific storyline. Although fans continue to see Sudler-Smith in Southern Charm, he appeared more often when the series launched in 2014.

Whitney Sudler-Smith, Patricia Altschul
Whitney Sudler-Smith, Patricia Altschul |Paul Cheney/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

While he’s tried to take on a lower-key role in recent years, his mother’s appearances blossomed. Altschul shared with Bravo’s The Daily Dish several insights into not only her relationship with her son but also how she’s seen a considerable change in Sudler-Smith in recent months.

‘Edit yourself mother’

Like for most kids, parental embarrassment has no bounds. Altschul told Bravo’s The Daily Dish her son often tells her to edit herself. When the show started, Sudler-Smith asked Altschul to just be on the show for five minutes.

“And now he says, ‘Mother please, don’t talk too much. Watch what you say, Edit! Edit what you say,'” Altschul says. “And of course I just say whatever pops into my head. I think that gives him ulcers.”

She states the obvious, that the two are very close. “He’s my only child and I’m sure I’ve spoiled him,” she reflects. “But I don’t care. He’s turned out, for me, to be kind, loving … and he works.”

She’s recently seen this big change in him

Altschul says Sudler-Smith is a hard worker, which is unique for the series. “Not all of the cast members are cavorting and debauching all the time,” she says. “He literally has always worked and we’ve always been close.”

As a result, Altschul has seen a change in her son. “I’ve seen a change in him recently. Because his career has really taken off,” she observes. “Before he was doing documentaries and it was feast or famine. But now he has these three shows on television, he’s working on two more. He just did some big deal in China.”

She adds he seems to be comfortable with his career stability. So, “He’s talked more about settling down.”

Cast members notice a change in Sudler-Smith too

Sudler-Smith has certainly come into his own in recent years. But fans noticed that he seemed distant with the cast, thinking it was due to being one of the only older cast members. One fan asked Austen Kroll and Craig Conover on the Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen After Show for their thoughts.

While Kroll didn’t want to take a stab at the question, Conover tried his best to offer an honest answer. “I think that he struggled in an area that he wanted to become successful in a few years ago,” Conover said. “He got into a new area, and that area brought him around younger people. And he kind of like, views us as senses of resentment.”

Conover thinks perhaps Sudler-Smith is a little frustrated being ingrained in the reality television production space too. “Look, he wants to be a Trasnformersproducer,” Conover said. “He wants to be a movie producer. He doesn’t want to be a TV show producer.”