‘Southern Charm’: Whitney Sudler-Smith Denies Kathryn Dennis Hookup — Dennis Claps Back

Kathryn Dennis of Southern Charm fame has been haunted by the ever-looming shadow of Thomas Ravenel for the entirety of Season 6. Their ongoing custody battle has been dragging on since 2016, with Ravenel making a bevy of accusations against Dennis. These range from accusations of a hit-and-run, to allegations that Dennis is participating in a conspiracy against Thomas Ravenel. 

However, it seems like Dennis isn’t the only Southern Charm star feeling a little haunted. For one reason or another, it seems Whitney Sudler-Smith is feeling strange about his hookup with Kathryn Dennis — he refuses to admit it happened the way Dennis claims. 

Not a love connection 

Whitney Sudler-Smith, Patricia Altschul
Whitney Sudler-Smith, Patricia Altschul | Paul Cheney/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

According to Southern Charm star Shep Rose, it’s absolutely no secret that Kathryn Dennis and Whitney Sudler-Smith slept together. In answer to a call-in question on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live, Shep Rose said, “Everybody knows it happens, but everybody has needs. I don’t think it’s a big love connection.”

Apparently the event was just a matter of desire and companionship, not a matter of emotional investment. There’s nothing wrong with that — but perhaps Whitney Sudler-Smith feels concerned that Dennis might assume there was more behind their night together, and that’s why he guards the event so closely. 

On the other hand, Shep Rose has a different explanation for why Whitney Sudler-Smith might not want to discuss or acknowledge the night. And, unfortunately, this reason paints the Southern Charm star and producer in a much less flattering light. 

Guarding his pride 

In an episode of the Southern Charm After Show, Shep Rose revealed why he thinks Whitney Sudler-Smith refuses to acknowledge his night with Kathryn Dennis. “It’s just vanity, it’s straight vanity, and Whitney’s got a lot of it. He’s basically like, ‘if people think I slept with Kathryn then like, A-list actress/models will think I’m undesirable or something, which is absurd,” said Rose.

Whitney Sudler-Smith’s mother, Patricia Altschul, says it’s a matter of gentlemanly behavior. Altschul told ET, “Here, let me answer this, honey. This is what Whitney told me, he said, ‘I love Kathryn, we’re good friends, but a southern gentleman would never discuss what he does with a lady. You’re talking about consenting adults. So, who cares? My question is, who cares?”

But, according to Kathryn Dennis, Sudler-Smith was eager to keep things hush-hush from the get-go. “The first time Whitney and I hooked up he said ‘Don’t tell anyone,’ and I was really intimidated by him at the time so I was like, ‘Okay, I really, really won’t,’” said Dennis. “But at the end of the day, he’s the one that ended up telling everyone. I even lied to Thomas and at that point I was idiotically in love with him.”

Kathryn Dennis gets real with Whitney 

Kathryn Dennis
Kathryn Dennis | Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Now, Kathryn Dennis seems to have had enough of the Southern Charm producer dodging the question and acting like it never happened. Kathryn Dennis sat down with Whitney Sudler-Smith to hash things out, as reported by Entertainment Tonight.  Dennis asked Sudler-Smith, “I went to coffee with Craig [Conover] and Austen [Kroll], and I assume you heard, it came out that, like, you and I hooked up this past summer, and they said that you denied it. So I was just curious, why?”

Sudler-Smith replied weakly with, “We have a different interpretation of events.”

Dennis replies with, “Are you serious? You’re lying! I’m just saying, it’s being talked about. It would be better for you to just say, ‘It happened. So what?’ And leave it at that.”

In an interview of her own, Dennis says, “I’ve had people lie that they’ve had sex with me, but I’ve never had anyone deny that they’ve had sex with me.”

The energy during the confrontation was incredibly bizarre — Sudler-Smith flatly denying the events is truly strange, and the way he talked down to Kathryn Dennis felt like gaslighting. Does that mean we need to add Sudler-Smith to the list of men who treat Dennis poorly? What a letdown.