‘The Office’ is Gone, but Netflix’s ‘Space Force’ With Steve Carell is the Next Best Thing

Some people scratched their heads when President Donald Trump announced his plans to create a military Space Force. For Steve Carell, it sparked an idea. The man who played Michael Scott on The Office plans on more workplace hijinks with his show Space Force. The show won’t be exactly the same, but it figures to be the next best thing until The Office (potentially) returns.

What we know about Space Force


We just found out about Carell’s Space Force in January 2019, but we know a few things about the show.

First, it’s a Netflix show. Carell fans won’t have to wait week-to-week for each new show since the streaming service releases all the episodes at once.

Also, Carell will make a ton of money for the show. He is reportedly making more than $1 million per episode. If that’s true, he’ll be making more than the stars of The Big Bang Theory, who made $1 million per show at their peak.

Finally, the show doesn’t focus on Trump’s Space Force but instead follows the people tasked with getting it off the ground.

How Space Force is tied to The Office

In addition to Steve Carell in a starring role, Space Force has other ties to The Office.

Space Force reunites Steve Carell with The Office executives.
Space Force reunites Steve Carell with The Office executives. | Getty Images/Emma McIntyre

Greg Daniels, the man who developed and produced the American version of The Office, co-created Space Force with Carell. Both of them serve as executive producers for the new show.

Daniels and Carell are reuniting with another alum from The Office. Howard Klein joins the pair as executive producer on Space Force, according to Deadline. He produced 166 episodes of The Office.

Even though Space Force won’t be officially linked to The Office, the two shows share the same creative minds, and that makes it feel like a successor.

Will there ever be a revival of The Office?

Fans loved visiting The Office during its run, but will they have the chance to do it again with a reboot? It looks iffy.

Steve Carell on The Office. Since a reboot looks iffy, Space Force will have to serve as the spiritual successor.
Steve Carell doesn’t seem ready for a revival of The Office. | NBC

Jenna Fischer, who played Pam, says she’d be up for it. John Krasinski (Jim) believes a Christmas special is the way to go. However, Carell thinks it’s a bad idea, and Rainn Wilson says the timing needs to be right for a revival of The Office.

Almost all the actors are bigger stars with busier schedules since the show started, so coordinating schedules won’t be easy, and that’s why a return to Scranton seems unlikely.

What is Steve Carell’s net worth?

Carell is already one of the wealthiest actors around and the richest cast member from The Office. His fortune will grow more when starts cashing checks for Space Force.

By the time he resigned as the boss at Dunder-Mifflin’s Scranton branch, Carell made $300,000 per episode. That was nearly four times more than the $87,500 he made when The Office started. Throw in several hit movies, nearly a dozen producer credits, and some writing, and it’s easy to see how Steve Carell’s net worth hits $50 million.

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