‘Spectre’: Everything We Learned About 007 From the Newest Trailer

There’s a special kind of anticipation that swirls around leading into the release of a new James Bond movie. Back when Daniel Craig first took on the role, we got to see a side of 007 we hadn’t really had since Sean Connery was around. What we got was a pretty great movie in Casino Royale, a disappointing one in Quantum of Solace, and a return to form with Skyfall. All this has led into the latest from our favorite secret agent, the soon-to-be-released Spectre. 

Up until the recent release of a full-length trailer, all we’ve had to go off was conjecture and rumor. Now, we can try and base our conjecture off of two minutes of quick-cut footage full of mysterious one-liners and car chases. It’s not ideal, but it’s all we have to work with right now sans concrete details from the creative team responsible for the movie. So without further ado, here’s what we were able to glean from the newest footage from Spectre.

1. James Bond is searching for something

James Bond - Spectre, Daniel Craig

Source: Columbia Pictures

Things kick off with Bond getting read the riot act by Ralph Fiennes. Apparently he’s been trolling around Mexico looking for something, blowing up buildings and stopping at nothing to achieve his goal. Given the mysterious nature of the titular evil organization Spectre and the possible link to Bonds’s childhood, it could be that he’s out looking for answers to questions he’s had since he was very young. Not even the upper echelon of MI6 seem to know what 007 is up to, making this a completely off-the-record mission.

2. We’re going to see yet another insanely gorgeous Aston Martin

Aston Martin, James Bond - Spectre

Source: Columbia Pictures

James Bond has a long history of driving cool cars we wish we could all get behind the wheel of. The brand most associated with him though has traditionally been that of Aston Martin’s. For Spectre, they designed a special model called the DB10 specifically for the movie, featuring a 6-speed manual transition and a 4.7 liter V8 engine. According to the trailer, the DB10 can go zero-to-sixty in 3.2 seconds, something we have a hard time not believing given the specs of the vehicles. 10 more models are being specially made in-house by Aston Martin, making it both a rare and stunningly beautiful car.

3. 007 is officially going off the grid

Spectre - Daniel Craig, James Bond

Source: Columbia Pictures

In one exchange with the tech-whiz known simply as Q, Bond has one request: “Make me disappear.” In his quest to track down the elusive Spectre organization, it would seem as though 007 needs to go completely off the reservation. We imagine this will take him deep undercover as his search kicks into full gear. It’s no surprise that the world’s greatest secret agent has no qualms about disappearing, apparently against even the instructions of his superiors at MI6.

4. Our first good look at Christoph Waltz as our newest villain

Christoph Waltz - Franz Oberhauser, Spectre James Bond

Source: Columbia Pictures

Awhile back, rumors circulated that Christoph Waltz would be playing none other than iconic Bond villain, Ernst Stavro Blofelt. Waltz has since refuted that rumor in an interview with GQ, revealing his character to be operating under the name of Franz Oberhauser. The prevailing thought right now is that Oberhauser is in fact Bonds’s foster brother, now heading up the evil international conglomerate Spectre. In the closing moments of the trailer, we hear Waltz ominously stating, “It was me, James: The author of all your pain.” There’s a good chance their history together dates back to childhood, making that statement all the more apt.

5. Bond is inextricably linked with Spectre for reasons unknown

Spectre - James Bond

Source: Columbia Pictures

The ferocity with which 007 seems to be hunting down Spectre hints at a sordid past with his alleged foster brother, Franz Oberhauser. That connections may go even deeper though, with a voiceover asking, “You know what links them all?” The answer is given by Bond himself: “Me.” What exactly the exact connection actually is can only be guessed at right now, but from the look of things, we’re about to get a good look at younger years of 007. What happened in his childhood that eventually tied him directly to the mysterious and decidedly evil Spectre? We’ll have to wait and see.

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