‘Spider-Man 3’: Marvel Fans Shouldn’t Expect Jason Momoa to Play Kraven

Marvel Studios is struggling in the wake of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and has been forced to delay the release of its blockbuster movie, Black Widow. However, fans are speculating just as much as ever, and are eagerly looking forward to the eventual release of the as-yet-untitled third installment in Tom Holland’s Spider-Man series. With more and more information slowly being leaked about the film, fans are taking to Reddit to discuss who could portray the villain in the film — and many fans have bet squarely on another major star, Jason Momoa, being named as the big bad. 

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What has been revealed about ‘Spider-Man 3’?

The coronavirus pandemic threw the film industry for a loop, and even though things still aren’t back to normal, Marvel Studios is trying to pick up the pieces and move forward with their upcoming projects. Spider-Man 3 is up next for the studio, and even though filming hasn’t started yet, it is expected to begin this fall. Although the title has not yet been officially revealed, some sources claim that the title will be Spider-Man: Home Run

Tom Holland will be returning to play the web-slinger, joined by Zendaya as MJ. The rest of the cast remains unconfirmed, although it seems likely that Marisa Tomei will be reprising her role as Aunt May. Jon Favreau will also likely be returning as Happy. The film’s villain has not yet been revealed, although many sources have claimed that the iconic comic book character Kraven the Hunter will be tapped to track down Spider-Man. When it comes to who could play Kraven, there is even more uncertainty. 

Fans think that Jason Momoa could play Kraven in ‘Spider-Man 3’

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Jason Momoa is a major movie star, best known for his role in Game of Thrones. The musclebound star is a fan-favorite and has both the intensity and the talent to portray a comic book villain. Therefore, many Marvel fans have picked Momoa as the likely candidate to portray Kraven in Spider-Man 3. In a recent Reddit thread, fans speculated about the possibility of Marvel picking Momoa for the character. One poster said “The role of Kraven the Hunter would suit Jason Momoa perfectly,” while another stated that Momoa “definitely could” do the character of Kraven justice. The idea of Momoa as Kraven isn’t a brand-new idea, either. For months, fan art has been circulating that features Momoa dressed as the character, as Cinemablend reports.

A few other names mentioned as candidates for the role of Kraven included Luke Evans, Pedro Pascal, and Javier Bardem. When it came to the idea of Momoa snagging the role, some posters brought up possible blockers that could prevent Momoa from getting cast in any Marvel film — not just Spider-Man 3

It is unlikely that Jason Momoa will appear in a Marvel movie

For one thing, Jason Momoa is already a major star in the DC Universe and has earned acclaim for his portrayal of Aquaman. It seems unlikely that DC would want their star portraying a villain in another major franchise. Another possible issue is that Momoa might have inadvertently started beef with Marvel; according to Collider, a fan asked Momoa to sign a poster with the eloquent phrase, “f*** Marvel.” It was confirmed to be a joke, but still, many Marvel fans (and possibly even Marvel executives) could take issue with him being cast as a major Marvel character.

Finally, Jason Momoa might be too expensive for the studio to hire for a one-time role. Momoa rakes in the big bucks and has a net worth of around $14 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. It seems much more likely that the character of Kraven will be inhabited by a smaller, though no less talented actor such as Pedro Pascal, who has already become a fan favorite due to his work in The Mandalorian