‘Spider-Man 3′ Villain to Be Kraven the Hunter From an Exiled Wakandan Tribe?

Though Spider-Man: Far From Home is still screening in theaters, Marvel fans have already taken to the internet, with questions surrounding the third – and possibly final – installment for Tom Holland’s Peter Parker.

Holland only has one film left in his contract, and all signs are pointing towards another standalone movie, as opposed to an Avengers-like mash-up. However, Spider-Man 3 may be more like Civil War than Homecoming (more on this further down).

'Spider-Man: Far From Home' Star Tom Holland
‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ star Tom holland | Photo by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

When combining information from Jon Watts (Spider-Man: Far From Home director) with theories posited from a rather credible source concerning Marvel updates (BossLogic), we can make a few reliable presumptions concerning Spider-Man 3. In short, the film will likely introduce Kraven the Hunter as the villain, and provide a Wakandan-oriented backstory.

The ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ director wants Kraven the Hunter for ‘Spider-Man 3’

*Spider-Man: Far From Home* spoilers ahead*

The newest Spider-Man franchise has been a huge success, in no small part, due to the villains who have appeared as Parker’s admirable adversaries. From Michael Keaton’s Vulture to Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio, Marvel has managed to snap some top-notch actors when it comes to casting Spidey’s nemesis. 

Whoever steps in next will have to rival his/her predecessors. As for a character, Kraven the Hunter is an excellent choice, and the director himself believes so. During an interview with UpRoxx, Jon Watts stated:

“I mean, yeah, I always just try to start with what haven’t we seen before? And there’s so many Spider-Man villains….I would love Kraven. It’s just the trick of how do you do Kraven in a movie?”

Watts wants Kraven; however, he seems concerned that the character may not translate well from comic to screen. As for his powers, Kraven took an herbal potion granting him the speed, strength, and senses akin to a jungle cat.

In the comics, Kraven boasts a complex history with the Avengers and Nick Fury, so incorporating him may present difficulties on both a narrative front and a cinematic one, for cat-like characters can often feel silly on screen. However, when has Marvel denied a challenge? Assuming the director gets his way, Kraven the Hunter will be the next Spidey villain. 

Kraven the Hunter to come from an exiled Wakandan tribe in ‘Spider-Man 3?’

Given that Marvel often alters comic book backstories, it wouldn’t be foolish to assume that Kraven receives a little update. Not to mention, if Kraven comes from an exiled Wakandan tribe, the MCU opens another outlet for regrouping the Avengers. Boss Logic posted on Twitter:

“Take this with a grain of salt.

so I have heard from a source that the idea of Kraven being from #wakanda from a tribe that no longer exists due to them being exiled by the royals is on the table. for the sake of this post I mocked @_mustafashakir_ with some Wakanda tech :D” 

With 254 thousand followers, Boss Logic often posts about Marvel-oriented information, and he has proved to be an accurate source in the past. Thus, though we should take this argument “with a grain of salt,” it seems like a highly possible one (especially given the fact that the director is already eyeing Kraven). If this theory holds up, Kraven the Hunter would then be a foe to both the Black Panther and Spidey, opening the door for Spidey’s final film to include another beloved Avenger.