‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ Finally Explains One Of Marvel’s Biggest Plot Holes

The post-credits scenes in Spider-Man: Far From Home featured some pretty shocking twists, including a big reveal for Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson). We learned that the Skrulls, Talos (Ben Mendelsohn), was impersonating Fury throughout the entire movie and reporting back to the real Fury, who was stationed somewhere in outer space. The twist caught most fans by surprise, but it also clears up a major plot hole in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) that started in Captain Marvel.

'Spider-Man: Far From Home' cast
‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ cast | Photo by Nicky J Sims/Getty Images for Sony

‘Captain Marvel’ features the true Nick Fury

The Skrulls reveal in Spider-Man: Far From Home has led fans to question how many times Nick Fury has pulled this stunt on our favorite superheroes. The one thing we can say for sure is that the Fury featured in Captain Marvel is the real deal. Fury has likely appeared as himself on other occasions, but exactly how many times Talos has posed as the character remains unclear.

We do know that Spider-Man: Far From Home is not the first time Fury has used Talos in this capacity, which means he has not always been truthful to The Avengers.

The Avengers, of course, have never had any reason to believe that Fury was not himself. After all, they did not learn about the existence of aliens until well after the events in Captain Marvel. They also had no way to tell that Nick Fury was a shape-shifting alien. Talos is very good at portraying Fury and there is only one person in the MCU who holds the key in telling them apart: Carol Danvers.

About that sandwich

The notion that Nick Fury is actually a Skrull was first introduced in Captain Marvel. The film includes a scene where Carol believes that Fury could be a Skrull and comes up with a plan to reveal his humanity. Skrulls can only access recent memories of the people they are impersonating, so Carol asks Fury to come up with something so “bizarre, a Skrull could never fabricate it.”

Fury then tells Carol that he cannot eat a sandwich if it is cut diagonally. Aside from this being an interesting look inside Fury’s mind, it created a serious plot hole in the MCU.

As fans might recall, Fury is shown cutting a sandwich in Avengers: Age of Ultron. The scene occurs when the group is hiding out at Hawkeye’s secret ranch. According to Screen Rant, Nick Fury cuts his sandwich diagonally before eating it, going against what the character revealed in Captain Marvel. This created a big inconsistency in the MCU, though most fans thought it was just an oversight and not anything significant. Spider-Man: Far From Home, however, changed everything.

Nick Fury was not himself in ‘Age of Ultron’

The post-credits scene in Spider-Man: Far From Home is strong evidence that the Fury in Age of Ultron was not the real one. If it was the real Fury, he would not have cut the sandwich diagonally.

While this is proof that Talos has impersonated Fury in the past, it does not mean that the switch is permanent. In fact, the post-credits scene hints that Fury is only enjoying a quick vacation from the action, which is why Talos replaced him on Earth. Fury is also shown working with other Skrulls on a project in space, which opens the door for other storylines that have not been explored.

During Comic-Con International, Marvel revealed its timeline for Phase 4 of the MCU, which includes launching several new franchises, such as Shang-Chi and The Eternals. If Nick Fury was off-planet during some of The Avengers movies, it is possible that he was dealing with other characters. This would be a great way to introduce these new projects without making them seem like they are coming out of nowhere.

The big question, of course, is how many times has Nick Fury used Talos in this manner. Unfortunately, we probably won’t get an answer to this question for quite some time.

The next movie in Marvel’s lineup is Black Widow, which is set to open in theaters in May of 2020, followed by The Eternals in November of 2020.

Spider-Man: Far From Home is currently in theaters.