‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’: How Did Thanos’ Snap Impact Zendaya’s MJ?

Last summer, Marvel gave us the snap that shook the world in Avengers: Infinity War, when we witnessed several of our heroes vanishing from existence. This summer, order was restored in Avengers: Endgame. That leaves Spider-Man: Far From Home to deal with the aftermath.

Peter Parker was not the only key member of the cast to go poof. Basically, every kid who returns in Far From Home was also dusted by Thanos, in what the movie calls “The Blip.” That means that Zendaya’s MJ disappeared too.

The actress explains how her character deals with “The Blip” – and we’ll cover how Zendaya is dealing with a blip of her own.

Zendaya (MJ)
Zendaya (MJ) | CHRIS DELMAS/AFP/Getty Images

What happened after ‘The Blip’

After the Avengers seemingly dispatch Thanos but fail to bring everyone who disappeared back, Endgame shockingly flashes forward with a big title card: Five Years Later. It’s only after that point that our heroes perform some time travel voodoo and restore everyone who vanished. 

The only problem is, the rest of the world aged and moved on, but those who returned are the same age as when they left. They have to play catch-up. And when you’re a teenager in high school, that causes a lot of problems.

In addition to Peter and MJ, all their core friends blipped too, including Peter’s best friend Ned Leeds (Jacob Batalon) and Betty Brant (Angourie Rice). To help accommodate the students who disappeared, the school organizes a summer field trip. Having just dealt with Thanos, Peter wants to spend one summer being a kid, and he makes detailed plans to confess his growing feelings for MJ. 

Of course, since Peter Parker is Spider-Man, trouble follows them. And that’s all we’ll say about the story for now. 

How the disappearance impacted MJ

Zendaya told Fandango,”[The Snap] kind of puts our characters in a special place, because now we come back and the world’s kind of changed, and we all have to kind of depend on each other a little bit more, because we’re like the oddballs now. We kind of have to confide in each other with that experience, and that’s cool.”

However, Tom Holland countered, “I think MJ wouldn’t even be fazed by the snap. She’d come back and be like ‘cool.”

The movie bears that out. Zendaya’s MJ has always had a “too cool for school” for vibe, and she still does in the new movie despite vanishing for five years. She hardly seems to have changed at all, except she seems to take interest in the guys in class. Beyond that, she’s still so fascinated by morbid events that Peter plans to give her a present called “The Black Dahlia,” which is also the name of a famous unsolved LA murder case in the 1930s. She does start watching Peter more carefully, and not just because she has her suspicions. 

Zendaya is making a major shift of her own

MJ isn’t the only one grappling with change. Zendaya is too, having sworn off her music career, at least for now. She’s also showing range by starring in HBO’s gritty teen drama Euphoria, where she plays an addict fighting anxiety.It’s a long way from Spider-Man, a longer way from The Greatest Showman, and a longer way still from her days as a Disney star.  

Case in point: On Euphoria, She refers to a certain part of the male anatomy as windows to the soul.

“It’s a very nerve-wracking thing because we put so much into something and it’s very emotionally taxing sometimes…So to know the world is seeing it is a little scary because you feel very vulnerable, but the reactions have been wonderful. I’m lucky to have the love we’ve received for it already,” Zendaya told E!’s Erin Lim.