‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’: Is Nick Fury the New Mentor Peter Parker Needs?

Those of you who haven’t seen Avengers: Endgame should once again turn away from this piece related to Spider-Man: Far From Home since it directly correlates to Endgame’s finale. If you’ve kept reading beyond this first sentence, then you’re probably curious who Peter Parker’s next mentor is going to be now that Tony Stark/Iron Man isn’t around anymore.

As you remember from Spider-Man: Homecoming, Tony Stark had become a father figure to Peter, something most people thought would continue in the sequel. Now with Stark dying at the end of Endgame, the questions still remain whether he’ll show up inĀ Far From Home in some form or another.

If not, Nick Fury may become Parker’s next mentor, though in a far different way.

The original intention was for Nick Fury to be Parker’s mentor in ‘Homecoming’

Tom Holland
Tom Holland | Greg Doherty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

According to Homecoming’s director Jon Watts, Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) was fully intended as being Peter’s mentor rather than Tony Stark. For a few fans, this would have made more sense from the get-go. Fury just wasn’t logically around enough to provide the quality mentoring Parker arguably needed.

Stark was readily available thanks to his Iron Man suit, including having direct experience as a superhero to help Peter cope with the dangers of the lifestyle. Of course, we already saw Stark dig in to Peter in Homecoming about proving himself as an Avenger. He takes Parker’s suit away as a result, bringing more than a little tough love.

Some might think this was one of the best mentoring scenarios for any neophyte superhero. Others might think Stark was perhaps too rough on a teenage Parker trying to innocently navigate his role as Spider-Man.

If Nick Fury takes Stark’s place, things could technically be at drill sergeant levels.

Based on the trailer, Fury will be Parker’s new ‘stepdad’

Anyone who’s seen the trailer for Far From Home can see Nick Fury and Spider-Man are alive and well. Fury is also recruiting Peter Parker for a mission in Europe while acting incredulous the latter can truly live up to the levels Stark originally expected of him.

Despite the film’s production team happy to have Fury interacting with Parker for an almost “James Bond-like” film, it’s going to give Parker a mouthful from Fury. Samuel L. Jackson’s portrayal is a lot like his other characters: In your face with expletives like a Marine Corps boot camp instructor.

Many now describe Fury as being Parker’s stepdad from hell, which is arguably a refreshing combination to give Parker a new kick in the teeth. This tough love sensibility is the best thing about seeing a teenage version of Spider-Man as an interesting look at growing up to become a superhero.

Or will there be arguments Fury is a little too much and too distant from Parker to be a good mentor?

Maybe Tony Stark will be back in some form

One of the great things about the MCU is that death isn’t necessarily permanent thanks to the introduction of time travel and other recent mechanisms. With use of AI as well, Tony Stark could come back in a different guise. When you consider Stark did experiment with AI, some think he could come back as artificial intelligence, which is a bit surreal to ponder.

We’re even seeing some real-life cases like that starting to emerge, making the lines between the MCU and reality slightly blur.

Peter Parker would probably welcome having Tony back into his life. Having to put up with Nick Fury may push Parker to try harder, but not having Stark available to talk to face-to-face like a real father would be like tearing half your heart out.